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A Japanese restaurant advises Thai visitors to flush tissues into the toilet

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When people in Thailand discovered that it is against the law to flush used paper towels down the toilet, they were taken aback by the information. A Thai woman whose husband owned a restaurant in Hokkaido had posted on the Facebook group on December 3, and the administrator of the page got the post. The letter that the Thai woman wrote offered advice to tourists from Thailand, advising them not to throw tissues down the toilet. Her husband owns and operates a restaurant that has a Hokkaido-style atmosphere. The woman made a request for assistance in disseminating information regarding the disposal of tissue in Japan, specifically within institutions that serve women. She specifically requested assistance in doing so within women’s shelters. My partner has delegated me the responsibility of putting up a sign urging tourists from Thailand to take their used tissues and remove them from the trash cans. The tiny trash container that is located inside the restroom should only be used for the storage of sanitary wipes and napkins. After ten users from Thailand, it starts to become congested. Our housekeeper is anxious, but she is unable to convey it to the guests because of the company they maintain. Would you be so kind as to share this with me?

In almost every public space in Thailand, there is a sign advising people to flush their tissues. The facility is outfitted with wastebaskets in each individual stall so that used paper towels and other materials associated with feminine hygiene can be disposed of properly. It has been suggested by the administrator of the Hokkaido Fanclub that Thailand should flush tissues rather than allow them to decompose in the toilet, which can lead to unpleasant feelings. The United States government recommended to Thailand that they establish a water system for the disposal of discarded tissue. Internet users in Thailand are in agreement that the public restrooms in the country could use to look and smell a little bit better. There is a widespread perception that Thai paper towels are more durable and less prone to falling apart than their counterparts in other countries. Japan is the most popular destination for tourists from Thailand. Thai tourists have a strong affinity for Japanese pop music and animation, sakura, and Japanese cuisine in particular. The requirement for visas to enter Japan was lifted on October 11th. Following the reopening of the airport in Japan, tens of thousands of tourists from Thailand visited that country. Travelers from Japan mentioned that navigating their way around Thailand was more challenging. As a result of Thai tourists occupying the vast majority of the available seats on the flights, many tourists were forced to cancel their visits to the royal families. The proprietors of the Japanese restaurant asked the patrons who were also Thai to flush their used tissues down the toilet.

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