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A Phuket restaurant is accused of imposing unfair, unlisted fees in a TikTok post

The passport offices in Bang Yai and Pathum Wan, which are located in the two malls, will return on Saturday after being shuttered for over two years because to the Covid epidemic, according to a Monday announcement from the Department of Consular Affairs. For walk-in candidates who are at least 20 years old and have previously held a passport, automatic passport kiosks will also be accessible at both offices. More Thais are reportedly considering international trips now that most nations have loosened their travel restrictions. People in need of services have two options: walk in or reserve a spot in line online at or by scanning the QR code. The website also displays the number of served and unfulfilled waits.

The MBK Centre office can handle 1,000 applications everyday, but the Central Westgate office can only handle 500. As a result, it has decided to start providing passport services on Saturdays for those who are unable during the week. In addition, the agency has suggested that individuals avoid paying anyone for a queue number because they can simply show up without one and secure a spot online.

Passports issued by diplomatic missions or government agencies are not covered by the Saturday service, and there is no one-day option either. The offices are open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm.

From August 20 forward, Thai nationals can once more obtain passport services at Central Plaza Westgate and MBK Centre. You can reach us at (02) 572 8442 for further details.

While the TikTok user, a Thai tourist, claims he overpaid for his lunch at Khon Boran on Ranong Road in Phuket Town, the owner is adamant that his rates are determined by the caliber and quantity of the meals he delivers. As the menu at his restaurant in Phuket featured pictures of the meals available but did not list prices, there is a legal issue at hand even though it may seem like a case of an appetite bigger than their wallet. The proprietor of the Phuket Town restaurant defended the pricey menu items by pointing to their outstanding quality and the fact that several could serve six to nine people each. Anyone can notify or file a complaint at the Phuket Provincial Commercial Office by contacting 076-219586 or the 24-hour hotline 1569 if they witness someone taking unfair advantage of the circumstances to raise prices.
The tourist did acknowledge that he was dining with a large group and that they had ordered a number of special dishes, but he claimed they were astonished when the bill arrived and that it was pricey when they paid even though they had said it was great when they were eating.
The Phuket Provincial Commerce Office enforces the requirement that food vendors show and disclose their prices, frequently taking action within a day in response to complaints about unlisted rates or differential pricing for foreigners. If a vendor is caught not posting their prices, they could be fined up to 10,000 Baht. However, if they charge customers prices that are different from what is posted, they could be fined up to 140,000 Baht or even sentenced to seven years in prison, or both, depending on how serious the offense was.
In this case, the customers placed orders for six platters containing different seafood products for 1,800 baht each and three kilograms of fried crayfish for 3,000 baht. People have already been urged to report any exorbitant pricing they encounter in Phuket by the head of the Commerce Office. Even if a plate of plain rice costs 150 baht, simpler options like fried rice with chicken and egg cost only 220 baht. Regardless of differences in opinion over expenses, the proprietor could come under fire for failing to post the price. A price-gouging bargain or a nice meal? In response to a TikTok post that claimed he was overcharging after a customer built up a bill of more than 10,000 baht, an irate restaurant owner has fired back. Vice Governor Pichet Panapong issued a warning to street vendors during the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival about the importance of openly posting pricing and the serious consequences of doing so. The proprietor quickly rejected the irate client with strong comments, asserting that nobody had ever complained about the expensive prices of the restaurant’s hallmark dishes throughout its 40 years of operation. “What should I do if I run into a moron who wants to eat nice food but won’t pay?” We serve inexpensive food, but you order pricey items. I never consider exploiting customers. Let customers eat till they are satisfied and consider the cost. There are many individuals like this in society, but he lacks kindness and has never displayed politeness.

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