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After the pandemic, cruise ships have begun to return to Phuket

All of the ports of call that cruise ships visit experience significant economic growth as a result of the high number of passengers each ship can accommodate. This enormous yacht, which had 18 stories, set sail for Phuket with approximately 4,600 passengers on board. Eight hundred of those cruisers had made reservations in advance for one of the island’s unique day tour programs. Numerous more people sailed to land apart from the arranged trips in order to unrestrictedly investigate the beaches and local businesses. These travelers make up a group that is frequently seen as very desirable. The director of the Tourism Authority in Phuket noted that visitors arriving by boat, be it a private sailboat, a luxury yacht, or a massive cruise liner, tend to have larger spending budgets than other tourists. Even though cruise ship passengers only spend one day ashore, they spend that day spending money at local restaurants, attractions, and souvenir stores. This helps the local economy. It’s possible that cruise ships were one of the first high-profile losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. An airborne virus that thrives in enclosed spaces with large crowds and poor air circulation is a death sentence for the popular holiday option of packing people into tiny staterooms and busy restaurants on a floating self-contained vessel. The virus is airborne and thrives in enclosed spaces with large crowds and poor air circulation. Before being brought to its knees by Covid, the cruise industry was responsible for bringing over 500,000 visitors each year to the island of Phuket. In 2019, a total of 154 cruise ships brought in 485,000 people, making the island’s port one of the busiest in the world. On Friday, the Spectrum of the Seas relaunched in Singapore and set sail for a short cruise. Along the way, the ship visited two ports in Malaysia and then made a quick stop in Thailand. It first made its way up to Klang, and then continued on to Penang, before arriving in Phuket, which was its last stop for the day. After leaving Thailand in the evening of the previous day, it will sail for one full day before returning to Singapore the next day.

The sight of the first cruise ship to arrive at the port in Phuket, Thailand, after an extended absence due to a pandemic brought joy to the island’s residents. Yesterday morning at approximately 7 o’clock, the enormous Royal Caribbean ship that was just christened the Spectrum of the Seas came to anchor off the coast of the island for a brief one-day layover. According to the Bangkok Post, the cruise ship pulled anchor just off Patong Beach for the day before turning around yesterday evening for an overnight journey to Singapore. The journey would take place in Singapore. The arrival of this visitor was a pleasant surprise for Phuket and its tourism business.

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