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AI update planned for pier in Phuket

A pier in Phuket will undergo extensive renovations, which will include the installation of an AI system. The Deputy Chief of the Phuket Provincial Administration (OrBorJor) indicated that the organization’s objective is to improve the quality of service offered to tourists while maintaining their safety. Chief Thiwat Sridokbua is quoted as stating “One of the ideas includes the installation of a security control room as well as more CCTV cameras and an artificial intelligence system.” The installation of parking buoys will permit speedboats and long-tail boats to park in defined lines. According to The Phuket Express, Thiwat stated that the renovation will increase the pier’s aesthetic appeal without harming the coastal biology system. During the renovation, an extra 120 CCTV cameras will be installed. The budget for the project under consideration has not yet been published.

In June of this year, hundreds of surveillance cameras were deployed at a second prominent Thai tourist attraction. The management of Koh Larn, a popular tourist island near Pattaya, has put 200 closed-circuit television surveillance cameras on seven of the island’s beaches. According to Pattaya Deputy Manager Kiattisak Sriwongchai, the Koh Larn Tawan Beach Pier, which has been undergoing maintenance for an extended period of time, will be renovated in 2023. He claimed that new railings, pathways, and roofs will be installed throughout the renovation. The Tawan Beach Pier, the busiest pier in Pattaya, has been in deterioration since long before the Covid-19 epidemic.

Thailand’s restored piers are not yet complete, so only time will tell how they turn out.

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