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Alarming Wake-Up Call! Thai TV Star Battles Tuberculosis, Spotlighting Thailand’s Silent Epidemic – Danger in the Air!

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As reported by the Department of Disease Control (DDC), the threat of tuberculosis needs to be tackled seriously. The urgency of the scenario has been emphasized in the light of popular actor Chawin “Jug” Chitsomboon’s recent diagnosis. The most likely way of contracting the disease was close contact with a friend suffering from tuberculosis. Unfortunately, the friend isn’t in our midst any longer, having lost the battle against tuberculosis on September 5.

DDC Director-General Dr Tares Krassanairawiwong unabashedly calls upon the public to stay vigilant. The World Health Organization points to Thailand as one of the 30 countries gripped by a substantial outbreak of tuberculosis. The figures are chilling: about 103,000 fresh cases recorded annually, with nearly 12,000 deaths attributed to TB-related afflictions, following the health organization’s metrics.

An estimated one-quarter of Thailand’s populace has managed to establish some resistance against the contagion. However, for individuals with weakened immunity, the symptoms are often drastically severe. Dr Tares wishes to convey this crucial message to those living with chronic health problems like HIV/Aids, diabetes among others. The individuals who should regard regular tuberculosis screening as a priority include people prone to high-risk possibilities: those living in overcrowded settings like prison inmates, substance addicts and alcoholics, migrant workers, and clinical staff in the frontlines.

In light of the recent incident involving the actor Chawin, Dr Niti Haetanurak, the DDC’s Deputy Director-General, reveals that the department has extended their support to Chawin’s manager. This includes offering tests and, if necessary, treatment, to Chawin’s friends, loved ones, and anyone who might have been in close contact with him.

Tuberculosis is a respiratory disorder spread through the air as well as droplets from coughing, sneezing, or chatting. Some tell-tale symptoms to watch out for are long-drawn coughing spells spanning over two weeks, low-grade fever, diminished appetite, and weight loss. “While being treatable, a patient would need to consume medicines for a stretch of six months,” states Dr Phalin Kamolwat, the director of the DDC’s tuberculosis division.

There’s unanimous agreement that early detection significantly curbs its severity. Therefore, immediate medical attention is advised for people who have Tucson family members. To avail more details, directly reach out to the DDC via the 1442 hotline. The tuberculosis division helpline number is 02 211 2224.

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