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American man participates in Isaan rite’s Thai dance

Thai netizens applauded his dancing, technique, and effort. Thai online users complimented his dancing and mannerisms. The event includes a parade of Thai dancers carrying offerings. Yesterday, the reporters interviewed Chantima Intawan, Spyway’s 30-year-old wife. They’re married and have a daughter in Sisaket, his wife’s hometown.
A viral TikTok video shows an American man dancing during a religious ritual in Sisaket, Isaan. Ryansdiary, a Thai TikToker, posted a video of 36-year-old Scott Spyway marching with Issan women. Spyway attended the religious festival Sand Don Ta. Thai-Cambodians attend the temple to create merit for departed family members, especially in Isaan. Dancers conga their way to a temple before stopping to pray. He now collects amulets and enjoys monastic merit-making practices. Spyway’s dance is shown on video. Spiteway’s mother-in-law was proud of him. Thai netizens said, “His dance was emotional. His face is tough, but his dance is great. Amazing!” “Cool!” “I love your attitude!” Thanks for embracing Thai customs. He’s a ballet dancer. His neighbors urged him to march, and they practiced for two to three days with other women. Spyway was a dancing instructor and language tutor in Chon Buri, where he met his wife, a convenience store worker. He liked the Buddhist way of life after five years in Japan. 60-year-old woman praised his appreciation of Isaan and Thai culture.

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