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Another effort to promote helmet use in Phuket

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It’s one of Thailand’s road safety initiatives.

Schoolchildren and other residents in Phuket’s Wichit neighborhood received helmets on Wednesday. Two months ago, Thailand’s eastern Trat area staged a helmet campaign. Traffic police and the deputy chief of the Trat Provincial Police delivered free helmets to bikers in July. Pornthep wants authorities to wear helmets and observe other driving restrictions. 2020 had 21,052 accidents, 2021 11,138. All government branches, educational and medical institutions, regional and municipal administrative entities, and child development facilities.

Thailand’s roadways are hazardous. Officials in Phuket urged Thai motorcyclists to use helmets. Authorities also painted the hospital’s walkway. Phuket Provincial Office of DPM organizes the campaign (DDPM-Phuket). Thailand is the second-most dangerous country to drive in, says a driver education platform. He underlined how many careless drivers wrecked Phuket. “These are 100% helmet-wearing places, and technology will assist strong law enforcement,” Pornthep said. 20% of accidents involved motorcycles, 8% six-wheelers, and 8% ten-wheelers. DDPM Deputy Chief Pornthep Prekham says the campaign targets regional organizations and institutions to implement the “helmet use” rule. Two foreigners who weren’t wearing helmets died in Pattaya in July.

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