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Another Indian traveler was robbed of a necklace in Pattaya

According to The Pattaya News, Gourab alleges the women “offered him friendship,” in a circumstance that appears to be practically identical in all of the recent necklace theft incidents. One of the women then slipped behind him and snatched his gold necklace, worth 85,000 baht, according to Gourab. He said that when he realized his jewelry had been stolen, he pushed the women aside and left.

The problem of Indian visitors stealing gold in Pattaya has sparked such outrage that a Pattaya police commander announced earlier this month the development of a’specialized’ police patrol squad to monitor any inappropriate situations in tourist areas or crimes against tourists.
Gourab expressed his discontent with the situation and pledged to inform his pals. Meanwhile, Pattaya Police intended to examine security footage in the hopes of apprehending the criminals.

In Pattaya, for the seventh time in as many weeks, an Indian tourist claims that his precious jewelry has been stolen. Gourab Paul, a 28-year-old tourist, claims two girls approached him early this morning as he was returning to his hotel with his friends after a night out in South Pattaya. Some of the suspects in these thefts have been transgender women, but not all. Last month, an Indian visitor to Pattaya claimed that his 33,000 baht gold necklace was stolen by a Thai woman and a ‘transgender individual,’ both dressed in’sexy costumes.’ According to The Pattaya News, the couple also attempted to lure Sathishkumar Govindarju, a 45-year-old visitor, to sleep with them.

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