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Are Thousands of Thai Lives at Risk? Unexpected Monsoon Threatens Catastrophic Flooding and Disease Outbreak!

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On a recent Friday, Srettha Thavisin, the esteemed Prime Minister of Thailand, made a critical visit to Ubon Ratchathani province. This was no routine visit, but rather a mission to hold discussions with provincial officials bearing the weight of the area’s flooding situation. His chosen location for this urgent conversation was the Regional Irrigation Office 7, seated in the heart of the Muang district, where he hoped to inspire quick and efficient responses to the flooding.

Mr. Thavisin not only emphasized the need for immediate action but also the importance of long-term strategies to prevent future flooding. Despite the fact that the current flooding situation isn’t as dire as what was experienced in the previous year, each flood’s mark on the province’s industrial sector cannot be ignored, he pointed out. Additionally, he expressed concerned about the potential for floods to instigate outbreaks of transmittable diseases, which he assured would be monitored closely by the government.

The Prime Minister of Thailand didn’t stop at pointing out concerns, however. He earnestly implored relevant agencies to look into devising improved drainage solutions to lower the risk and intensity of such destructive flooding. He also entrusted the 2nd Army Area with the honorable task of providing assistance to the ones affected by these water disasters and to explore the idea of creating a warning system.

A report suggested that Thavisin was also overseeing plans centered around the construction of a water bypass or drainage tunnels in the Kaeng Saphue region. The goal of these potential undertakings was to expedite the process of water removal from the Mun River without inflicting any harm on the environment.

As it stands, the floods have altered the lives of over 13,000 households spread across several districts, namely Muang, Warin Chamrap, Muang Samsip, Trakan Phuetphon, Lao Sue Kok, Don Mot Daeng, Khuang Nai, Tan Sum, and Det Udom. The situation is profoundly serious particularly in Muang Samsip, Warin Chamrap, Muang, Trakan Phuetphon, and Lao Sue Kok districts, as these have now earned the ominous label of disaster zones.

In the midst of all, the Office of the National Water Resources shared a cautionary note. They warned the northern and central province inhabitants about the possibility of devastating flash floods and run-off, resulting from the heavy rainfall from the effect of a monsoon trough in the areas of major rivers, which include the Wang, Yom, and Chao Phraya, due to last till Sunday.

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