According to estimates cited by Forbes, the worldwide human trafficking industry earns around $150 billion annually (5.5 trillion baht). They employ airlines, buses, and taxis to transport their victims, reserve hotel rooms, and are active on social media platforms to recruit and advertise the services of their victims. Banks are used by traffickers to deposit and launder their funds. Concerned that the United States may station nuclear-capable bombers near Darwin, Australia continues to expand its alliances in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. This is in response to China’s heightened rage.

Today in Bangkok, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is due to meet with Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong, who is now in the Pacific on a goodwill visit. Australia is now working hard to deepen its ties with Southeast Asian nations, so the deal is timely. The two are expected to approve Australia’s support of a training facility in Thailand that focuses on combating human trafficking. Thailand and Australia are getting ready to sign a cooperation pact to combat human trafficking. Wong stated, “Ultimately, Australia wishes, and I believe Thailand desires as well, a stable and predictable region governed by norms and standards in which all nations and all peoples may collaborate, trade, and prosper.” In addition, Australia and Thailand have signed an agreement for a four-year plan of economic and military cooperation. Australia is attempting to mend relations with Southeast Asia and the Pacific in response to increasing concern about the potential that the United States would station nuclear-capable planes near Darwin. Australia and other Western nations have long believed Thailand to be a center for human trafficking, whether or not this notion is justified. This action is being taken at a time when global statistics on human trafficking are on the rise: every day, hundreds of women, men, and children are trafficked for various exploitative purposes. The International Labor Organization believes that there are already 25 million victims of human trafficking throughout the globe.

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