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Bangkok Chef Charity 2024: Culinary Excellence for a Cause with Thailand’s Hospitality Visionaries

In the heart of Thailand’s bustling hospitality scene, there’s a dynamo known affectionately as Jeab—an indomitable spirit at the helm of the illustrious Jivanand group. As the managing director, she’s embracing the 11th edition of a monumental event that’s got the entire sector abuzz with anticipation.

When quizzed about whether her feminine prowess played a role in uniting a staggering 300-plus professionals from hospitality and business realms, Jeab offered a smile that spoke volumes: “It’s woman power mixed with a profound desire to make a positive impact on our society,” she affirmed with a playful twinkle in her eye.

Jeab masterfully orchestrates these collaborations with grace and precision, guiding every chord of this symphony with the finesse of a maestro. “Harmony isn’t just a concept for us—it’s a living, breathing essence of our collaboration,” she quips, her determination as palpable as the air we breathe.

This visionary entrepreneur doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk, ensuring that her impeccable standards are met and that face-to-face dialogues are held. It’s a testament to her commitment to credibility and commanding respect in what she dubs an industry of passion.

The journey that led here began over a decade ago, when Jeab, a titan in the food industry, set out for Omkoi—a quaint district nestled in the emerald embrace of Chiang Mai’s mountainous region. Her mission? To sate the appetites of children with culinary wonders hailing from Thailand’s crème de la crème hotels.

We aimed to tantalize their taste buds with what I coined ‘foreign objects.’ Imagine their bewilderment when exposed to hamburgers! The longing for rice was instant, but so was the laugh it brought me,” she recounts, her laughter echoing the joyous peals from that day.

It was that poignant moment of disconnect that birthed clarity. “I asked what they truly yearned for, and their answer was ‘school.’” With that simple yet profound revelation, the groundwork for the Bangkok Chef Charity was laid, a fund-raising feast for the soul.

After a four-year interlude ushered in by the global pandemic, the Bangkok Chef Charity 2024 is resurrecting, promising an event that’s as gastronomically grand as it is charitable:

  • An honourable appearance by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, graciously showcasing her expertise in the culinary arts.
  • The soothing melodies of the Krungthep Light Orchestra (KLO) serenading attendees throughout the evening.
  • A transcendent performance from a beloved national singing sensation.
  • An epicurean tour featuring sublime dishes by Michelin-starred chefs, crafted from the finest ingredients sourced from elite Thai suppliers.
  • A gathering embodying the very essence of meritorious joy, networking, and hobnobbing with the country’s movers and shakers.

In its last iteration, the charitable soirée amassed a stunning 40 million baht. For its upcoming chapter on February 17 at the regal Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, the stakes are ever higher. The goal? To bolster funds dedicated to hospitals within the Debaratana Vejjanukula Foundation and to extend a helping hand to children in Thailand’s secluded pockets of paradise.

Reserve your spot for a philanthropic venture that turns compassion into a culinary art form. Seats are priced at 15,000 baht and the attire is nothing short of exquisite—black tie or your finest long dress.

For a chance to partake in this extraordinary event and for further details, reach out to:

Yadatip: 086 780 930, email: [email protected]

Attaya: 086 914 4155, email: [email protected]

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