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Bangkok requests that businesses allow employees to work from home till October 7

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has urged that businesses enable employees to work from home if at all possible between the dates of October 5 and October 7 as the Thai city prepares for another round of intense downpours.

Residents of the city are ready for another round of intense precipitation. Be cautious when traveling through specific locations because they are prone to flooding. From now until October 7, we should anticipate a lot of rain. In order to lessen the strain on the transportation system, we are requesting assistance from businesses by requesting that employees be given the option to either work from home or come home earlier than usual.

Because of the severe flooding that occurred on Chaeng Wattana Road last night, transportation was completely halted. In order to transport patients to hospitals, paramedics were forced to abandon their ambulances and walk through the water while pulling stretchers with patients on them.

Working from home will lessen the likelihood of getting stuck in traffic and will make it easier to get to medical facilities. The military is making preparations to send out rescue teams and trucks to assist anyone who may be cut off by the flooding. In addition to this, the military is placing two million sandbags in areas around the city that are at risk of flooding. If you are in need of immediate assistance and have been affected by the flooding in Thailand, you can get in touch with the English-speaking Tourist Police of the Thai Government by dialing 1155 from anywhere in the country.

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