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Bangkok Piano Teacher Veeranan Lerdpanyaroj Arrested: Dark Secrets Behind the Keys in Phra Khanong

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In a shocking discovery that reads more like a sinister drama engulfed in the reverberating sounds of piano chords, Bangkok’s prestigious Phra Khanong area found itself under a grim spotlight. The central figure in this disheartening narrative is a piano teacher named Veeranan Lerdpanyaroj, age 43, known among his students as “Khru Ju”. His arrest at the 77 Musical, a revered music school nestled in the promising alley of Soi Sukhumvit 77, has struck a discordant note across the community.

Seized within the muted walls of this institution were items that painted a harrowing picture far removed from the art of music-making. Among the confiscated were over 1,000 videos containing child pornography, alongside condoms, emergency birth-control pills, and lubricant gel. These unsettling artifacts were discovered tucked away in a classroom, setting a chilling scene.

The arrest came as a crescendo following allegations made by a distraught mother, whose 10-year-old daughter alleged she fell prey to indecent acts by Lerdpanyaroj during her piano lessons. The young girl, aspiring to weave melodies on the piano, became an unwitting character in a story far darker than any minor scale. She recounted episodes where the accused breached her personal boundaries under the guise of piano instruction, culminating in moments that left her fleeing in terror and confusion.

Lerdpanyaroj, who prides himself on a resume that boasts of a bachelor’s degree in music and international piano certifications, vehemently denies the indecent assault accusations while chillingly admitting to the possession of child pornography. His defence weaves a narrative of musical discipline gone awry, claiming misunderstanding and misrepresentation at the heart of the allegations against him.

His persona, once celebrated for fostering musical brilliance among the youth, now stands tarnished by the shadows of these allegations. As the police widen their net in search of other silent voices that might have been suppressed within the hallowed rooms of 77 Musical, the community watches on, heartbroken. The harmony of trust has been shattered, leaving behind a cacophony of fear and disbelief.

In the grand composition of life’s narratives, this one has struck a particularly dissonant chord, reminding us of the vigilance required to safeguard innocence amidst the pursuit of artistic excellence. Veeranan Lerdpanyaroj’s tale, now a tragic sonata, resonates as a stark reminder of the dualities that exist within human character and the vigilant scrutiny required in the environments we consider sanctuaries of learning and growth.


  1. Mia S. May 22, 2024

    This is absolutely horrifying. How could someone entrusted with teaching children betray that trust in such a grotesque manner? It’s beyond forgiveness.

    • ThomG May 22, 2024

      It’s the reality of today’s world, unfortunately. Predators are everywhere, even in places where we feel our children are safe.

      • Jason May 22, 2024

        True, but that’s exactly why we need stricter background checks for anyone working with kids. This could have been prevented.

    • KarenP May 22, 2024

      I can’t help but wonder, can a person who appreciates the beauty of music really commit such crimes? Maybe there’s a misunderstanding.

      • Mia S. May 22, 2024

        Understanding music and committing crimes aren’t mutually exclusive, unfortunately. His confession to possessing illegal material says it all.

  2. John_D May 22, 2024

    While this is a terrible situation, we must be cautious not to demonize an entire profession because of one bad actor.

    • Sarah80 May 22, 2024

      Absolutely agree, John. My children have had wonderful experiences with their music teachers. It’s unfair to generalize.

    • Dave1990 May 22, 2024

      But would you say the same if it was your kid? It’s not about demonizing a profession but ensuring our children’s safety.

  3. EllieMay May 22, 2024

    This is so sad. Piano lessons should be a joy, not a trauma. How many more kids out there are scared to speak up?

    • LucyJ May 22, 2024

      That’s what scares me the most. The silence of potential victims who are too frightened to come forward. It breaks my heart.

  4. Dave1990 May 22, 2024

    We’re quick to judge based on a news article. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    • Mia S. May 22, 2024

      Possession of child porn alone should be enough for outrage. This isn’t just a simple accusation; it’s a crime already admitted to.

  5. Marc_the_Shark May 22, 2024

    Is anyone else thinking about the digital footprint we leave and how it comes back to haunt people? This situation is abhorrent, but it’s also a wake-up call about digital privacy.

    • TechieTina May 22, 2024

      Digital privacy and not storing illegal content are two different things. He committed a crime; privacy doesn’t cover that.

  6. BeccaL May 22, 2024

    Music schools really need to step up their game. It’s not just about talent anymore; ethical practice is non-negotiable.

  7. Gary G. May 22, 2024

    These accusations if true are sickening. But let’s not forget due process. Everyone deserves their day in court.

  8. piano_mom123 May 22, 2024

    My daughter takes piano lessons and now I’m petrified. How do you even start to have that conversation with your child?

    • SandraT May 22, 2024

      Start by reassuring them that they can tell you anything and you’ll believe them. It’s about creating a space where they feel safe talking.

      • piano_mom123 May 22, 2024

        Thank you, Sandra. It’s daunting but necessary. I just wish we lived in a world where such conversations were needless.

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