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Bangkok PT stations will provide 25 baht curry as a way to offset price increases

According to an initiative that the Thai Restaurant Association announced today, curry would be offered for 25 baht at PT filling stations in Bangkok and the nearby area. According to TRA President Thaniwan Kulmongkol, a number of partners are working on the project. All people dislike price rises, but a number of organizations in the Bangkok area are attempting to alleviate the effects of the world economic crisis. She went on to note that the group also offered advice to restaurants on how to lessen the impact of rising costs for food and liquefied petroleum gas. However, this price is still prohibitive for a lot of individuals in Thailand. Truck drivers threatened to camp out in front of Thailand’s energy ministry after the price spiked to 30 baht per litre earlier this year. They wanted to charge 25 Baht for each liter. Many other products are still outrageously costly, both in Thailand and elsewhere.

The Thai government’s efforts to keep fuel prices under control don’t seem to be working. According to Kulit Sombatsiri, the permanent secretary of the Energy Ministry, efforts will be supported by the Energy Policy and Planning Office to reduce the rising cost of gasoline spurred on by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which was revealed on June 17. Appropriate regulations that will benefit small restaurant owners will be taken into account in order to allow for harmonious coexistence amongst all parties. He said that the cost of diesel would be at no more than 35 baht per litre till the end of June.

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