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Brace Yourselves! Unearthing Tsunami of Thrilling Expectations from Thai Government’s Power-Packed New Policy! Can it Revolutionize Economy and Lifestyle?

As the government finds itself on the brink of unveiling its policy statement to Parliament in the present day, the nation collectively holds its breath. The public anticipates a document that will manifest into actions, to ease everyday tribulations and breathe new life into the economy. Various sector moguls have extended their petitions, thereby imploring the freshly instated government to attend closely to the requisites of their respective industries in their exciting new policy.

At the forefront of their voices, we find Thaniwan Koonmongkon, the steward of the Thai Restaurant Association. She proposes that the government takes under serious consideration the soaring production costs in their fresh policy venture. She particularly focuses on the escalating energy prices, which indirectly amplifies the cost of consumer goods. Her arguments lean towards the implementation of strategies to control current liquefied petroleum gas and transportation charges that disproportionately affect larger establishments. This is contrary to the shelter provided to smaller food stalls.

Thaniwan also advocates for the continuation of the low-interest loan policy, a resolution that was previously rolled out for restaurant owners amidst the throes of the pandemic. As per this scheme, restaurant owners are only subject to interest payments, while the principal payments are put on hold.

She further accentuates the significance of incessant initiatives to endorse Thai cuisine overseas in order to lure the international tourist crowd. She refers to the World Kaphrao Thailand Grand Prix 2023 as a triumphant instance of applicable soft power projection.

Sanga Ruangwattanakul, the boss of the Khao San Road Business Association, commends the government’s visa-free blueprint for Chinese wanderers, envisioning this as a trigger for short-term development within the industry.

Meanwhile, Sawit Kaeowan, the figurehead of the Thai Labour Solidarity Committee, underscores the importance of job stability, short-term agreements, and outsourcing subcontracting matters. Kaeowan fervently requests the government to adjust their policy in a manner that it amplifies the quality of life for the masses and reigns in the escalating costs.

Chalerm Changthongmadun, who steers the Thai Motorcycle Taxi Drivers Association, yearns for a comprehensible regulation and enrollment of motorcycle taxi drivers conforming to the law.

Boonserm Sompong, the president of the Public Taxi Driver Association, brings to light the dilemma faced by taxi drivers due to inflating fuel costs. He suggests an elevated taxi fare rate starting from 35 baht to 45 baht will aid drivers in attaining a decent income level.

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