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Bangkok Tourist Prasopchok’s Unusual Beach Drive in Phuket Sparks Viral Sensation

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In the golden sands and lapping waves of Kamala beach in Phuket, an event unfolded that quickly captured the attention of netizens across Thailand, if not the world. The star of this surprising act was none other than a gleaming black car, its wheels caressing the sand and occasionally flirting with the waves, all under the control of a daring individual. This wasn’t your typical beach scene with sunbathers and swimmers; it was an impromptu car show that left onlookers and social media viewers gobsmacked.

As videos of the car’s beach escapade began making rounds on the internet, people were quick to jump to conclusions. The driver’s boldness led many to consider him a foreign tourist, unaware of the local customs or laws. However, the plot thickened when the truth came to light. The man behind the wheel was, in fact, a Thai tourist from the bustling city of Bangkok. Identified as Prasopchok, a 39-year-old convenience store owner enjoying a retreat in Phuket with his family, he quickly became the talk of the town.

Authorities didn’t take long to respond. Kamala Police Chief Pol Col Somsak Thongkliang stepped in to unravel the mystery behind the beach driving spectacle. Prasopchok was fined for his reckless beach cruising, a modest sum of 1,000 baht, but the lesson was priceless. According to the police chief, Prasopchok believed driving on the beach was permissible and wanted nothing more than to give his two children a memorable experience by getting a closer, perhaps too close, view of the sea.

The twist in our tale comes with a dash of irony and a pinch of regret. Despite Prasopchok’s innocent intentions, his beach adventure was not welcomed with the same enthusiasm by everyone. When a diligent lifeguard attempted to wave the intrepid driver off the beach, his efforts were in vain. Prasopchok, perhaps caught in the moment, chose to ignore the warnings, a decision he would soon regret.

This tale from Kamala beach serves as a reminder of the unpredictability that comes with tourist escapades. While Prasopchok’s adventure brought unexpected excitement to an ordinary day at the beach, it also sparked a dialogue on respect for local regulations and the environment. As for the rest of us, we’re left with a story that’s as bizarre as it is entertaining, reminding everyone that the beach is best enjoyed on foot or by swim, not by car.

In the end, the Kamala beach car saga is a testament to the fact that holidays can sometimes take an unforeseen turn into the realms of the extraordinary, leaving behind tales that are told and retold, much like the tire tracks on the sand that day – ephemeral yet unforgettable.


  1. BeachLover101 April 3, 2024

    Driving on the beach? How reckless can you be! The beach is for people, not cars. This is disrespectful to the environment and dangerous to others.

    • OpenMind123 April 3, 2024

      You gotta look at it from his perspective though. He just wanted to create a unique experience for his kids. Besides, he didn’t know it was not allowed.

      • EcoWarrior April 3, 2024

        Ignorance isn’t an excuse for endangering the environment & disrupting a public space. What if everyone thought like that?

      • BeachLover101 April 3, 2024

        Exactly! There are rules for a reason. It’s about safety and respect. OpenMind123, understanding doesn’t mean disregarding the potential damage.

    • TrendFollower April 3, 2024

      But let’s not ignore that it did go viral. People were entertained. Doesn’t that count for something? Maybe it’s just harmless fun.

  2. LocalYokel April 3, 2024

    As a Phuket resident, I’m torn. It’s funny but it sets a bad example. Our beaches aren’t race tracks!

    • DigiNomad April 3, 2024

      Visited Phuket last year, and it’s sad to see how tourists sometimes forget respect in their quest for ‘unique’ experiences.

  3. CuriousExplorer April 3, 2024

    Did anyone consider the possible positive side? This event, though controversial, did bring attention to Kamala beach. Could be good for tourism.

    • AuthentiCity April 3, 2024

      Positive attention based on reckless behavior? That’s not the kind of tourism that leads to healthy, sustainable growth for a community.

  4. RuleFollower April 3, 2024

    It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. What if he lost control and hit someone? Beaches aren’t designed for cars.

    • CarFanatic April 3, 2024

      Cars are built to be controlled. It’s not like he was speeding. There’s a bit of an overreaction here.

  5. Samantha April 3, 2024

    This is the most 2023 thing ever. Back in the day, we didn’t need to drive on beaches for fun. What’s wrong with a good old day of swimming and beach volleyball?

    • TechieKid April 3, 2024

      Times change, Samantha. Now, everything is about creating viral moments. It’s just how the world works.

  6. OceanHugger April 3, 2024

    This could seriously harm marine life and local ecosystems. Beaches are delicate environments. It’s not just about the human tourists!

  7. JusticeSeeker April 3, 2024

    A fine of 1,000 baht seems too lenient for such a blatant act of disregard for local laws and safety regulations.

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