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Bangkok’s Epic Raid on Fullplay 39: Pol Lt Gen Worawat Leads Seizure of 329 Million Baht in Online Gambling Bust

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In a high-stakes swoop that could easily pass for an electrifying scene out of a crime thriller, Bangkok’s finest have turned the tables on a sophisticated online gambling network, rounding up both perpetrators and an eye-watering horde of ill-gotten gains. With the precision of a cinematic heist, officers from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) orchestrated a series of dramatic raids across 12 locations in the heart of Bangkok, leading to the arrest of four key figures in this clandestine empire.

At the helm of this operation was the unflappable Pol Lt Gen Worawat Watnakhornbancha, the CCIB commissioner, who revealed that the raids were targeting the notorious gambling website Fullplay 39. Among the sixteen suspects marked by arrest warrants, the officers managed to secure four significant captures. The netted quartet comprised a beneficiary of the gambling juggernaut, a high-ranking manager, and two financial linchpins, leaving the rest of the syndicate’s foot soldiers, notably those opening mule bank accounts, still at large.

The charges laid against these operatives run the gamut from colluding in online gambling activities, engaging in money laundering, to other nefarious deeds. But what perhaps steals the show – quite literally – is the gargantuan haul of assets seized by the CCIB. Valued at a staggering 329 million baht, the treasure trove includes a fleet of seven luxury vehicles with a collective worth of 40.4 million baht. Imagine the sight – a sleek Porsche 911 Carrera GTS beside a majestic Porsche Cayenne, not far from a Mercedes-Benz GLE and a Toyota Alphard. It was as though a high-end car showroom had teleported itself onto the bustling streets of Bangkok.

The dazzle doesn’t end with the cars. Authorities also confiscated 22.9 million baht in cold hard cash and bank accounts, a small fortune in gold bars and ornaments weighing in at 400 baht and estimated to be worth around 14 million baht. The plot thickens with the discovery of amulets valued at over a whopping 75 million baht, alongside luxury brand-name bags, clothing, and shoes tallying up to 50 million baht. Not to mention, houses and condominium suites with a price tag of 127 million baht rounded up this glittering inventory.

Peering behind the velvet curtain of this illicit operation, the CCIB chief divulged that the Fullplay 39 website boasted a membership count soaring over 200,000 customers. This digital gambling den was not playing small stakes, with a monthly turnover circling around 480 million baht. A number that not only highlights the vast scale of this operation but also underscores the tremendous efforts of Bangkok’s law enforcement to clamp down on such high-caliber criminal undertakings.

In a city where the line between the law and the lawbreaker often blurs in the haze of the tropical heat, this crackdown sends a crystal-clear message. It’s a narrative of dogged determination, the relentless pursuit of justice, and a showcase of Bangkok’s finest pulling the plug on one of the most lucrative, yet illegal, gambling circuits to ever grace the digital realm. And amidst the gleam of luxury cars, the sparkle of gold, and the allure of untold riches, it’s a stark reminder that, in the end, crime doesn’t pay.


  1. MaxPower February 29, 2024

    First off, major props to the CCIB team for pulling off such a massive raid! It’s almost like something out of a movie. It’s about time these online gambling rings got what they deserve.

    • TechieTina February 29, 2024

      Absolutely thrilling to hear about the raid! But it got me wondering, with technology evolving, how long until these networks find new ways to hide? It’s like a never-ending game of cat and mouse.

      • MaxPower February 29, 2024

        You’ve got a point, Tina. It’s a constant battle, but every victory counts. Plus, it sends a strong message to others operating in the shadows.

    • LegalEagle101 February 29, 2024

      As much as I applaud the seizure, aren’t we avoiding the bigger issue? Why not legalize and regulate gambling to cut these illegal activities off at the source?

      • MaxPower February 29, 2024

        LegalEagle, that’s a slippery slope argument. Legalizing it doesn’t necessarily mean you eliminate illegal gambling. Plus, looking at the seized assets, it’s clear this is about more than just gambling.

      • SkepticSam February 29, 2024

        I’m with LegalEagle on this. Regulation could offer safer options for those inclined to gamble, plus it would be a legitimate revenue stream through taxation. Why give criminals the market?

  2. SunnyDaze February 29, 2024

    Did anyone else catch the part about the amulets being valued at over 75 million baht? That’s insane! Why would gambling operators even have these? Superstitious much?

    • CultureVulture February 29, 2024

      Amulets are a huge part of Thai culture, especially those believed to offer protection or good luck. It’s no surprise they were part of the raid, likely believed to ‘protect’ their illegal operations.

      • SunnyDaze February 29, 2024

        Makes sense, CultureVulture. It’s just wild to think how beliefs are woven into even the shadiest of activities.

  3. Bob_the_Builder February 29, 2024

    This is all flash but what about the root causes? No one wakes up wanting to run an illegal gambling site. Economic conditions drive people into these corners.

    • RealistRay February 29, 2024

      Agree with you to an extent, Bob, but it’s also about choices. Not everyone facing economic hardships chooses illegal paths. It’s also about moral compass and available opportunities.

      • Bob_the_Builder February 29, 2024

        Fair point, Ray. It’s complex. I just think societal change is essential along with these raids if we’re aiming for long-term solutions.

  4. JessieJ February 29, 2024

    Can we talk about the disproportionate focus on online gambling when there are bigger fish to fry? What about politicians laundering money or corporations avoiding taxes? Seems like selective justice.

    • DebaterDan February 29, 2024

      Selective justice or not, crime is crime. This raid recovers significant ill-gotten gains from criminals. It’s a win for society. But you’re not wrong about tackling corruption at all levels.

      • JessieJ February 29, 2024

        Appreciate the balanced view, Dan. It’s just frustrating seeing big names get away with far worse while these stories dominate headlines.

      • EconWatcher February 29, 2024

        That’s the media game, Jessie. Sensational stories sell. But it doesn’t mean other investigations aren’t happening. They’re just not as flashy until something big breaks.

  5. FiscalFred February 29, 2024

    329 million baht is no small change! It’s good to see that money out of the gambling circuit, but where does it go next? Back into the community, I hope.

    • MaxPower February 29, 2024

      Ideally, yes, Fred. But the cynic in me wonders if it’ll just get tied up in bureaucracy. Transparent allocation of seized assets would be great.

  6. PhilanthroPam February 29, 2024

    It’s a victory, but I’m concerned about the gamblers. This bust doesn’t address addiction or offer help. We need more resources for those struggling, not just flashy takedowns.

    • EmpathyEmma February 29, 2024

      Exactly, Pam! The focus is always on the perpetrators, but what about the victims of gambling addiction? There needs to be more support systems in place.

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