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Bangkok’s Green Transport Breakthrough: Thai Smile Ushers in New Era with 1,000 Electric Buses

Step aboard the eco-friendly revolution with Thai Smile Bus (TSB) as they wave a fond farewell to their legion of 350 natural gas-fuelled vehicles (NGVs), in a bold move towards a greener, more sustainable future. As the month draws to a close, the company is on the verge of completing an impressive transition that makes green commuting not just a statement but a reality.

The dynamic Kulpornpath Wongmajarapinya, TSB’s chief executive officer, proudly announced that the wheels have stopped spinning for more than 95% of their NGV buses, with a striking flotilla of 58 buses having taken their final bow just this Monday. The remaining 16 NGV champions of the road are set to join their predecessors by month’s end, each one having played its part in the company’s ambitious push towards supporting net zero emissions.

And that’s just the start! In an electrifying reveal, Ms. Kulpornpath shared that TSB is revving up to welcome an astounding 1,000 electric buses to their fleet this year! This move is set to supercharge their electric bus (EV) fleet count to a whopping 3,100, keeping Bangkok’s streets abuzz with sustainable energy. With the current roster of 2,100 electric buses serving an incredible 123 routes across Bangkok and its neighboring areas, the company’s eco-forward vision is truly in motion, delighting between 250,000-280,000 passengers daily with clean and efficient transport solutions.

But wait, TSB isn’t just limiting their green transformation to the roads; they’re taking it to the waterways too. Enter the Thai Smile Boat company, TSB’s marine-affiliated sentry of sustainability, set to relaunch the much-anticipated “Metro Line” shuttle passenger boat service. This aquatic commute will gracefully glide its passengers between Sathon and Rama VII piers along the historic Chao Phraya River, framing the city’s skyline from an unrivaled perspective. With the introduction slated for the first quarter of the year, the ripple effect of this initiative on urban mobility is expected to be monumental.

Currently, a fleet of 35 sleek electric boats cut through the currents of the Chao Phraya, serving over 5,000 passengers a day with silent, emission-free voyages. And there’s more on the horizon, as Ms. Kulpornpath disclosed plans to bolster the fleet with nine additional electric boats this year, thereby expanding the fleet to a formidable squadron of 44 vessels. The promise of unparalleled tourist boat services all year round is no longer a distant dream but an imminent reality under Ms. Kulpornpath’s visionary helm.

In a world crying out for environmental stewardship, Thai Smile Bus and Thai Smile Boat aren’t just spearheading a transformation; they’re setting the sails for a future where clean energy and sustainable practices aren’t just trends, but the pillars of everyday life. So next time you’re in Bangkok, why not be part of this green odyssey and ride the wave (or the road) to a brighter, cleaner tomorrow?

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