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Bangkok’s Superfood Extravaganza: Delight in Doi Kham Delicacies and Royal Project Treats

Step into a world where the zest for life is fueled by the purest superfoods, where mountain-grown treasures beckon food connoisseurs and health enthusiasts alike. Welcome to the “Vitality Life of Superfood” festival, a gastronomic exhibition like no other, taking place from January 18-28 at the elegant confines of Park Paragon, Floor M, and Gourmet Market, Floor G, right in the pulsating heart of bustling Bangkok.

This culinary odyssey is not your average eatery escapade; it is a carefully orchestrated showcase by the Royal Project, featuring an array of exotic and nutritious ingredients. Imagine a melding of nutty Doi Kham brown rice with the ancient Incan treasure of quinoa, the sweet earthiness of azuki beans, and the dark allure of cold-pressed black sesame oil. Picture herbal drinks with magical elixirs like lingzhi mushroom and giew kua lan, promising to rejuvenate your spirit and body.

A tantalizing array of newcomers graces us this year, including the robust Assam goat milk tea, the refreshing clear water stream tea, and Doi Tung Plus’ powdered vegetable supplements – a mosaic of health just waiting to be savored.

The spotlight shines brightly on a parade of winter’s finest fruits—over 80 strawberry varieties, each vying for your taste buds’ attention, alongside Cape gooseberries and the Royal Project’s signature rose-flavored berries. The canvas of flavors broadens with juicy blackberries, luscious seedless black grapes, and a colorful ensemble of winter vegetables, including the stately kale, Hong Kong bok choy, and a symphony of crisp salad greens like the red coral and Oakleaf varieties.

But what would a festival be without the Maestros of Cuisine? We interweave culinary art with agriculture as MasterChef Champion Jariya Khattiyot and a constellation of internationally recognised chefs, including Pleoy-Natnicha Boonlerd, Thian-Thianchai Pirapongsathorn, Fang-Natthapong Noochuay, and Bell-Pimthip Pongsila, transform these superfoods into an extravaganza of Thai traditional dishes. Envision Massaman curry and soup, galangal chicken broth, and crispy quail eggs adorned in Kaffir lime leaf batter – each dish a sonnet of flavors.

Tea aficionados, prepare to be enthralled by the herbal tea oasis, featuring Lingzhi mushroom tea, oolong tea accented with tender bamboo shoots, and the classic green and red teas. Should you seek the perfect present, exquisitely wrapped tea sets await, such as the gratitude tea set and the illustrious Tea Book, housing a selection of tea flavors for every palate.

The Royal Project Coffee corner offers a reprieve for coffee lovers, where professional baristas craft special beverages with mountain-grown beans, a hug in a mug served with unmatched skill and passion.

In a nod to sustainable innovation, the Royal Project Foundation unveils an exhibition dedicated to the versatile hemp plant, aligning with the royal initiative of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother. Transforming lives through fiber production for handicrafts, the exhibit is both an educational journey and a testament to economic ingenuity.

Our festival bestows hands-on experiences too. For those spending over 1,000 baht at the Royal Project booth, a suite of engaging workshops await. From concocting herbal beverages to watercolor painting with botanical hues and a sensorial Thai herbal steam inhalation, learn the Royal Project’s secrets and take home more than just memories.

Wander and weave through a trove of handicrafts from the Chai Pattana Development Foundation, the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, Doi Kham Shop, and artisans nationwide, each item echoing the heart and soul of its maker.

Exclusive treats are in store for our guests – partake in Gourmet Market’s “You Hunt We Cook” service and seize a complimentary eco-friendly heat-reducing fabric bag with purchases surpassing 1,500 baht (subject to a daily limit, so haste is advised).

For the insatiable curiosity and the desire for more details, dial 02-610-8000 or immerse yourself in the digital experience through Siam Paragon’s Facebook page. A wealth of epicurean adventures and indulgences await you at the “Vitality Life of Superfood” festival, where every moment is a celebration of health, taste, and life itself.

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