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Booklympics Extravaganza: 52nd National & 22nd Bangkok International Book Fair 2024 Unveiled

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Ladies and gentlemen, book lovers of all ages, and literary enthusiasts across the globe, prepare yourselves for an event that promises to redefine the landscape of literary celebrations. The Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand (PUBAT) is thrilled to roll out the red carpet for the monumental “52nd National Book Fair and the 22nd Bangkok International Book Fair.” This year, we’re not just marking another chapter in our storied tradition; we’re setting a new standard, celebrating the largest and most extravagant book fair in our 52-year history!

For the first time ever, Bangkok will become the pulsing heart of literary rights trading with the launch of the “Bangkok Rights Fair.” Imagine a dynamic arena where the masters of copyright mingle with global titans of publishing, eyeing to ink deals that are set to catapult the value of copyright trading north of an astonishing 350 million baht. Yes, you heard that right!

As we turn the pages towards Book Expo 2024, anticipate a bibliophile’s dream with over one million books showcased by 322 premier publishers. Embrace the spectacle of 914 booths sprawling over an exhilarating 20,000 square meters of exhibition space. This isn’t just a fair; it’s a literary extravaganza!

From March 28 to April 8, 2024, the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center will transform into a literary Olympiad with more than 100 compelling exhibitions and activities. Open daily from 10am to 9pm, this event promises to be a marathon of intellectual stimulation, creative inspiration, and sheer enjoyment.

Diving into the details, on March 18, 2024, Suwich Rungwattanapaiboon, the visionary president of PUBAT, unveiled this year’s groundbreaking concept: “Booklympics.” As the world gears up for the upcoming Olympic Games, what better way to celebrate than by kindling the Olympic spirit in the realm of books?

The honor of inaugurating this grand spectacle falls to none other than Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. We look forward to her grace on Thursday, March 28, 2024, at 10am, symbolizing the opening of a gateway to unparalleled literary adventures.

Your journey through the fair will traverse through three enchanting realms: The Book Zone, Exhibition Zone, and Activity Zone. In the Book Zone, seven riveting categories of books await, ranging from captivating novels and comics to educational treasures and rare finds. With contributions from 322 leading publishers, this will be a historic celebration of the written word like no other.

The Exhibition Zone will be a canvas of cultural and literary marvels. Highlights include “Cat Country Exhibition,” a masterpiece translated by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, and showcases celebrating outstanding books, literary prizes, and the cherished Thai festival of Songkran. Plus, delve into the intriguing “What Read Exhibition” to discover the favorite reads of celebrated personalities.

Step into the Activity Zone, where over 100 electrifying activities await, with the Booklympics competition leading the charge. Uncover top talent in design, writing, proofreading, selling, and reading. Engage in the noble quest of the “One Reader Inspires Million People Foundation,” aiming to empower reading-promoting agencies with much-needed funds. Meanwhile, the compelling “Why the books are having for?” activity invites you to voice your opinion on the transformative power of books.

In parallel, the 22nd Bangkok International Book Fair is buzzing with anticipation, drawing unprecedented interest from eleven world-class publishers spanning nine countries, each bringing a slice of their culture, technology, and linguistic treasures to the fair.

This year also marks a pioneering collaboration with the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) to host the “Bangkok Rights Fair,” setting the stage for an epic saga of business-to-business matchmaking among Thai and international publishing luminaries.

Not stopping there, we’re enriching the fair with a Business Field Trip, offering a unique lens into Thailand’s vibrant reading culture, guided by none other than Sanont Wangsrangboon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok. Plus, in an innovative twist, PUBAT has partnered with Wisesight (Thailand) Co., Ltd, to harness the power of AI, ensuring we stay in tune with social media chatter before, during, and after the fair to better serve and delight our attendees.

So, mark your calendars, for this is not just a book fair; it’s a cultural Olympiad, a literary bonanza, and a testament to the transformative power of reading. The “52nd National Book Fair and the 22nd Bangkok International Book Fair” is more than an event; it’s a beacon of inspiration, community, and endless discovery. Let the Booklympics begin!


  1. BookWorm101 March 19, 2024

    Absolutely thrilled for the Booklympics! Combining the spirit of the Olympics with literature is genius. Can’t wait to see the exhibitions and activities. This might just be the event of the year for bibliophiles!

    • SkepticReader March 19, 2024

      Genius? Really? Isn’t it just a marketing gimmick to attract more people? I doubt it adds any real value to the literature world.

      • BookWorm101 March 19, 2024

        It’s more than just marketing. It’s about celebrating literature on a global scale, encouraging cultural exchange, and making reading appealing to a wider audience. Isn’t that worth something?

      • LiteraryCynic March 19, 2024

        I’m with SkepticReader on this one. Seems like a fancy way to make books a commodity rather than focusing on the art of literature.

    • CultureVulture March 19, 2024

      Can’t wait to see the Cat Country Exhibition. Anything promoted by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has to be worth attending. It’s not just about books; it’s a cultural fest!

  2. DigitalNomad March 19, 2024

    In this digital age, it’s refreshing to see such emphasis on traditional books. But, I’m curious about the use of AI by Wisesight. Wonder how that will enhance our experience?

    • TechSavvy March 19, 2024

      Using AI to track social media chatter is smart. It shows that the organizers want to engage with the audience in real-time and improve the event dynamically. I’m impressed!

    • OldSchool March 19, 2024

      AI, huh? I miss the days when book fairs were simple. Now it’s all about technology and marketing. What happened to the good ol’ days of browsing books in peace?

  3. RightsDealMaker March 19, 2024

    The Bangkok Rights Fair is a game-changer. As someone in the industry, the potential for copyright trading and international deals is huge. The literary world is more interconnected than ever.

    • IndieAuthor March 19, 2024

      This could be a fantastic opportunity for indie authors and publishers. Global visibility is everything. But the competition will be fierce.

  4. EducatorEmily March 19, 2024

    The educational element of this fair, with over a million books, including educational treasures, is just outstanding. It’s a brilliant opportunity for educators to find new resources.

    • ParentPete March 19, 2024

      As a parent, I’m excited to explore the educational books for my kids. It’s important to keep them engaged with reading outside the classroom.

    • BudgetWatcher March 19, 2024

      Sounds amazing, but I hope the prices are reasonable. It’s not easy to build a home library on a budget.

      • EducatorEmily March 19, 2024

        True, but fairs like these often offer discounts and deals you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, the experience itself is invaluable.

  5. GlobalReader March 19, 2024

    The inclusion of 11 world-class publishers from 9 countries is a testament to how global the book industry has become. It’s a chance to explore diverse narratives and bridge cultural gaps.

    • XenophileX March 19, 2024

      Absolutely! The ability to access books from different cultures and languages is what makes events like this incredibly special. Can’t wait to discover new authors and stories.

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