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Brace Yourself for the Big Chill: Predicted Cold Season Arrival in Thailand May Leave You Shivering!

There’s an invisible shifting of the winds sweeping over the landscape, signaling a metamorphosis of the seasons. It’s a delicate transition, and it’s happening right above us.

This seasonal changing of the guard revolves around the winds – the unseen puppeteers that manipulate our weather patterns. Subject to their capricious whims, our journey through the seasons begins when northeasterly or easterly winds command dominance, carrying us upwards in an aerial ballet between 100 to 3,500 meters above the earth’s solid ground. The baton then passes to westerly winds when they rule the roof, exerting their influence above the lofty height of 5,000 meters.

Brace yourself for the nipping cold, for as the empress of seasons, winter envelopes upper Thailand in her frosty embrace. Expect the thermal mercury to somersault downwards, tickling the 23-degree Celsius mark this Tuesday. However, don’t hold your breath for a shower. Rainfall will trickle down sparingly, offering a momentary tease before surrendering to the frosty dominion of winter.

Meanwhile, the southern region seems to be caught in a perpetual dance-off with rain showers. The ceaseless duet is not expected to bow out any time soon, leaving the area drenched in an unending aquatic serenade, the department noted with an air of foregone conclusion.

Just recently, a forecast detailed a belated entrance of Thailand’s ‘winter’, a tardy arrival in comparison to last year’s countdown that brought goosebumps starting from October 29. As if making up for lost time, a courageous convoy of moderate to potent cold air is predicted to sweep down on upper Thailand come Tuesday, sending temperatures plummeting in a week-long thermometric rollercoaster ride.

As this frosty momentum gains speed, the North and Northeast mountain tops are predicted to be the first to feel the icy sting with temperatures expected to plunge into the single digits, hovering precariously at around 9 to 10 degrees. The rest of upper Thailand will join the frosty festival with a cold, crisp average of 21 to 22 degrees. Meanwhile, the urban jungle of Bangkok is set to become a metropolitan ice palace with a chilly wraparound of 17-18 degrees, forecasted to stick around for the coming days.

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