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Breaking the Bank: Shocking Poll Reveals Stunning Debt Crisis Among Thai Government Employees – Your Tax Money Could Be in Peril!

A recent poll conducted by the National Institute for Development Administration (NIDA) threw light on a crucial issue that involves a significant chunk of government staff and employees of state enterprises being shouldered with debt. Moreover, this group of respondents resonated in their support for a government policy that suggested the initial monthly pay for graduates should be 25,000 baht.

The poll spearheaded by NIDA, which spanned from September 19-21, was based on phone interviews with 1,310 employees across the age of 18 and higher. These participants held positions in government offices and state enterprises throughout the nation. The main purpose revolved around gathering their thoughts on salaries of state officials, which touched various educational levels and incomes.

The poll revealed an interesting data – 44.81% of the participants believed their salary, apart from the legally procured extra payments, wasn’t sufficient to cover their expenses and contribute towards their savings. Meanwhile, 28.32% expressed that their income was adequate for both their daily expenses and savings, while 26.87% said their income only met their expenses, with no space for savings.

The poll also unveiled that 44.35% of the respondents confirmed borrowing from financial institutions, while 43.36% said they sourced loans from saving cooperatives. A smaller percentage of 3.66% have been borrowing from informal lenders, which includes friends and family. The balance rest, amounting to 25.57%, asserted they were debt-free, as conveyed by Bangkok Post.

However, the suggestion to break up the payment for state officials into two monthly instalments faced steep opposition, with 71.30% starkly against it and 11.83% moderately disagreeing. In contrast, 8.32% agreed completely, with another 7.71% moderately consenting. A miniscule 0.84% of the respondents refrained from expressing an opinion or showed disinterest towards the subject.

Still, 57.86% of the respondents agreed wholly with the government’s policy to set the starting salary for bachelor’s degree graduates at 25,000 baht ($695 approx.) per month, while 20.83% agreed moderately. However, 13.36% disagreed completely, while 9.94% moderately disagreed. A slight 0.46% refrained from responding or exhibited a lack of interest.

Four days ago, the financial discipline of Thailand’s teachers was caught in controversy, with suggestions for tight regulations to check rampant debt. Narin Chamanadou, the Director of Kanchanaphisek School and President of the Association of Secondary School Administrators in Thailand revealed a staggering figure – the country’s teachers collectively owe over 1.4 trillion baht. You can find out more by clicking¬†HERE. Stay tuned with The Thaiger for more exclusive stories on our latest Facebook page¬†HERE.

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