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Breathtaking Power Play in Tourism: Thailand and Laos Exciting Plans for Unprecedented Friendship Bridge! Will it Spark an Influx of Global Tourists?

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During a recent get-together, Thailand and Laos proposed plans to stimulate tourism by forging tourism routes and hastening the construction of the second Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in Pak Chom district, Loei province. This strategic move is anticipated to fortify the bond between the two culturally rich nations and invite a higher influx of global tourists.

In the noteworthy 20th Thai-Lao border security meeting held in S Vangvieng Boutique Hotel, Loei’s provincial governor, Mr. Tawee Sermpakdeekul, took the lead. He was accompanied by deputy governor Narong Jeenam, head of the 28th military circle Maj Gen Prich Sukantasri and other prominent officials. The Laotian side was represented by Khamphan Sithidampha, governor of Laos’ Vientiane province. The central themes of the discussions were related to tourism promotion, cultural exchange, and enhancement of economic, social and security cooperation.

Among the significant strategies evaluated was the elevation of Laos’ Muen border town in Vientiane. This suggestion came inspired by the Thai government’s move to sanction a free-visa policy for Chinese visitors, thereby anticipating a potential rise in the number of Chinese tourists traveling to Thailand and extending their visit to its neighboring land, Laos.

As per Mr. Tawee, Muen town, situated at an accessible distance from Pak Chom district in Laos, can act as an ideal link to connect popular attractions in Loei and Vientiane, such as the enchanting tourism route between Chiang Khan and Pak Chom districts in Loei to the lively dairies of Vang Vieng and Feuang districts in Vientiane. The present scenario requires tourists to cross via a border checkpoint in Loei from Pak Chom to Muen. However, Laos currently operates only a provisional checkpoint at this location.

Loei governor expressed the interest to engage Laos’ cooperation in upgrading the temporary checkpoint to a full-fledged one by the end of the year. Loei’s plans also extend to building the second Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in the Pak Chom district. This constructive project boasts significant benefits like bolstering tourism, expanding trade and investment opportunities, and enriching logistics, thereby shaping a vibrant socio-economic fabric between the two nations. This much-anticipated achievement will follow the footsteps of the first Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in Loei, which seamlessly connects Loei’s Tha Li district and Kenethao City in Laos, and has been instrumental in fostering bilateral relations.

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