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Brutal Pathum Thani Murder: Woman Found Under Udon Ratthaya Expressway, Suspect Detained

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Early Wednesday morning, the grim scene beneath the Udon Ratthaya expressway in Pathum Thani shocked police and rescue workers. The lifeless body of a young woman, sprawled amidst a sea of rubbish, told a chilling tale. Her throat had been brutally slashed, and in a macabre twist, her hands were missing. (Photo supplied by Wassayos Ngamkham)

The police quickly zeroed in on a male suspect who attempted to evade arrest in a desperate manner—by trying to take his own life. Authorities acted swiftly, detaining the suspect soon after the gruesome discovery of the woman’s body. The suspect was nabbed at a housing estate where he had ingested pills in a suicide attempt. Ambulances rushed him to Krung Siam St Carlos Hospital in Pathum Thani for immediate medical attention. 

Pol Maj Gen Yutthana Jonkhun, the chief of Pathum Thani police, informed the public that an investigation was well underway. Security camera footage from nearby roads was being meticulously examined to piece together the events that led to the horrific discovery.

The young woman’s body, eerily wrapped in a bedsheet and constrained by three distinctive black student belts, had been partially concealed with various items. These belts, commonly worn by students at Phranakhon Rajabhat University, were tied tightly around her knees, waist, and neck. Her legs were fastened with coat hangers, adding an unsettling layer to the crime.

The victim had sustained severe slash wounds to her neck, and her hands were severed at the wrists, adding yet another grisly detail to this disturbing murder case. Her hands remain missing, adding a perplexing element to an already alarming crime scene.

Thongdaeng Bonsungnern, a 49-year-old car garage owner beneath the expressway, provided critical eyewitness testimony. Around 5am, from his car where he was resting, he noticed a man on a motorcycle suspiciously dumping something under the expressway. The motorcyclist attempted to conceal the object using grass and then piled nearby garbage over it before hurriedly riding away.

Several hours later, around 8am, Thongdaeng’s wife, Amphawan Sudsawang, stumbled upon the hidden horror. She had earlier noticed the disheveled state of the area, strewn with garbage. Upon closer inspection, her shock turned to horror as she saw what unmistakably appeared to be a human foot sticking out from the rubbish. Paralyzed momentarily by the ghastly discovery, she quickly called the police, setting off a rapid response from the authorities.

Rescue workers transported the body to the Justice Ministry’s Central Institute of Forensic Science for a comprehensive autopsy, aiming to unravel more details of this harrowing case. The investigation continues as the authorities scrutinize every available piece of evidence to bring justice to the young woman whose life was cut short in such a horrific manner.


  1. Joe June 5, 2024

    This is absolutely horrifying. What kind of person does something like this?

    • Emily Davis June 5, 2024

      It’s beyond disturbing. How can someone be so cruel?

      • Tommy June 5, 2024

        Maybe he was mentally ill. Sounds like a case for a psychological evaluation.

      • Joe June 5, 2024

        Even if he is mentally ill, it’s no excuse for such a barbaric act. He needs to be locked up forever!

    • bigman201 June 5, 2024

      People who do stuff like this are monsters. No other explanation needed.

  2. Sarah L. June 5, 2024

    So sad for the girl and her family. I hope they find her hands and give her a proper burial.

  3. Max June 5, 2024

    It’s good that they caught the suspect so quickly. Now he can’t hurt anyone else.

    • Anna B June 5, 2024

      Yeah, but will the justice system actually punish him properly? Sometimes they just let these psychos off too easy.

      • Max June 5, 2024

        True, Anna. Hopefully, this time they do what’s right. He should never see the light of day again.

  4. Grower134 June 5, 2024

    What a gruesome way to go… can’t even imagine what she went through.

  5. Mike June 5, 2024

    The detail of the student belts is weird. Could this be related to a University somehow?

    • Lina June 5, 2024

      It’s possible. Maybe the suspect has some connection with the university. They should investigate that angle.

      • Mike June 5, 2024

        Absolutely. It could reveal a lot about the motive.

  6. Ava June 5, 2024

    Who dumps a body where it can be found so easily? This guy doesn’t sound too smart.

    • Connor June 5, 2024

      Might have been desperate or in a rush. Either way, he needed to be caught ASAP.

      • Ava June 5, 2024

        True, thank goodness the eyewitnesses came forward quickly.

  7. Blake R. June 5, 2024

    The autopsy will be crucial. Hope it reveals more details that can close in on the case.

  8. teacher4ever June 5, 2024

    I fear for the world my students are growing up in. This type of news is becoming too commonplace.

    • Anita June 5, 2024

      It’s so important to teach kids about humanity and empathy more than ever now.

    • teacher4ever June 5, 2024

      Absolutely. We need to focus on building better people for the future.

  9. James June 5, 2024

    The police did well to act so fast. Kudos to them.

    • Monica June 5, 2024

      Yes, timely action saved him from finishing his suicide—now he can face justice.

      • opera_lover June 5, 2024

        I completely agree. It’s better he is captured alive and made accountable.

      • James June 5, 2024

        Exactly, he should answer for what he’s done.

  10. freespirit June 5, 2024

    Will the victim be identified soon? Wondering if she has a missing person report.

    • Derek June 5, 2024

      Probably, if they haven’t already. Her family must be devastated.

      • freespirit June 5, 2024

        Yes, they deserve closure and to know what happened to their loved one.

  11. Sophia June 5, 2024

    Those poor eyewitnesses must be traumatized. Especially finding a body like that.

    • Hannah June 5, 2024

      They did a brave thing by coming forward. Not everyone would have.

    • Sophia June 5, 2024

      True, they definitely helped bring some swift justice.

  12. Nathan June 5, 2024

    Her hands being missing is so eerie. Why would someone do that?

    • Chris June 5, 2024

      Maybe he was trying to prevent identification?

      • Nathan June 5, 2024

        Yeah, that’s possible, but still so grotesque.

  13. kimmieluva June 5, 2024

    Just another reason to be terrified today. Is nowhere safe anymore?

  14. Jake June 5, 2024

    This reminds me of similar cases. Patterns need to be studied to prevent such horrors.

  15. bigdaddy_76 June 5, 2024

    Death penalty should be the only outcome for murderers like this.

    • Lizzy June 5, 2024

      Not everyone supports the death penalty. But life in prison is a must for this guy.

      • bigdaddy_76 June 5, 2024

        True, but some crimes are just unforgivable. This one tops the list.

  16. Pat June 5, 2024

    Rest in peace to the poor girl. My heart goes out to her family.

  17. Alli June 5, 2024

    Scary to think that these things happen in broad daylight. Really makes you think.

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