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Name: Sombat Banchamek

Nickname: Buakaw or “The White Lotus”

Born: May 8th, 1982

Nationality: Thai

Known for: Muay Thai

Instagram: @buakaw1

YouTube: @buakawboxing

Buakaw Banchamek, a figure synonymous with Muay Thai, is set to add an extraordinary chapter to his storied career. With over 243 wins, including 74 electrifying knockouts, Buakaw has become a living legend, representing the art and spirit of Muay Thai.

Buakaw’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. From a child prodigy training in the humble settings of Surin, to becoming a global icon, his impact on the sport is immeasurable. His dedication to promoting Muay Thai transcends the ring, as he tirelessly participates in events, demonstrations, and runs the renowned Buakaw Village Gym in Chiang Mai. This gym isn’t just a training facility; it’s a haven where future champions are forged.

Now, Buakaw is taking his mission to new heights, teaming up with The International Federation of Muay Thai Associations (IFMA) to bring Muay Thai to the grandest stage yet—the 2024 Paris Olympics. Yes, you read that right! The revered art of Muay Thai will be showcased in Paris, with Buakaw himself performing a traditional Muay Thai demonstration. Hosted at a specially built arena at Club France, this event promises to be a spectacle, featuring dedicated workshops and athletes from 24 countries, including Thailand. Scheduled from July 26 to August 11, 2024, the demonstrations are set to invigorate the Olympic spirit with a ferocity only Muay Thai can deliver.

Turning back the pages of his illustrious career, Buakaw’s journey began in his home province of Surin at the tender age of eight. By fifteen, he had already made a name for himself, grabbing multiple titles and his first featherweight belt at Omnoi Stadium. But it was in December 2002 that Buakaw’s career catapulted to new heights when he triumphed at the prestigious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium against the formidable Satoshi Kobayashi.

International fame came knocking in 2004 when Buakaw clinched the K-1 MAX World Grand Prix tournament in Japan. His road to victory saw him defeating John Wayne Parr, Takayuki Kohiruimaki, and the reigning champion, Masato. This victory didn’t just put him on the global map; it made him a household name. K-1 was revered as one of the premier kickboxing leagues, attracting top-tier fighters from around the world to compete, and Buakaw’s exceptional skills captivated fans globally.

However, his journey wasn’t without setbacks. In 2007, Buakaw found himself pitted against Masato again at the K-1 World MAX and faced defeat through a unanimous decision. But as the resilient warrior he is, he roared back in 2009, dominating Andre Dida in the K-1 World MAX Finals and securing a unanimous decision victory.

Among his many memorable battles, Buakaw’s encounters with Saenchai stand out. Saenchai, another Thai boxing prodigy and Lumpinee Stadium’s star, boasted an undefeated 70-fight streak, making their matchups a spectacle of skill and tenacity. Fast forward to 2022, fans were treated to an exhilarating showdown at Rajadamnern Stadium, where Buakaw’s dazzling kicks and thunderous punches left an indelible mark, much to the delight of admirers worldwide.

While fans eagerly awaited the “Match of Legends” between Buakaw and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, the bout scheduled for April 2024 has been postponed indefinitely. In an interview, Buakaw shared, “My understanding is that the fight has gotten postponed. It hasn’t gotten cancelled.” So, there might still be hope for this highly anticipated match-up in the future.

As the 2024 Paris Olympics draws closer, the excitement builds. Buakaw Banchamek will not only represent Muay Thai but will also inspire millions as he takes the ring, proving once again why he is the pride of Thailand and a global martial arts ambassador.


  1. Andy M. June 4, 2024

    This is going to be epic! Buakaw deserves this recognition!

    • Tracy T. June 4, 2024

      Finally, Muay Thai gets the recognition it deserves in the Olympics!

      • Frank Glover June 4, 2024

        Absolutely, it’s time for the world to see the true artistry of Muay Thai.

    • SunnyD June 4, 2024

      I’m not sure if this fits with the Olympic spirit though.

      • Andy M. June 4, 2024

        What’s not to love? It’s an amazing sport with a rich history.

  2. Kathleen H. June 4, 2024

    Buakaw’s career is just incredible. His story is so inspiring!

    • Jake June 4, 2024

      Totally, from a rural village to a global icon. It’s a true underdog story.

  3. Pugilist123 June 4, 2024

    233 wins and 74 knockouts? Those are insane numbers! How does he do it?

    • MuayLover June 4, 2024

      Pure dedication and a lifetime of training. Buakaw is a beast!

    • Tracy T. June 4, 2024

      It’s all about discipline and passion for the sport.

  4. Michael J. June 4, 2024

    Will Muay Thai be a competitive sport in future Olympics or just a showcase?

    • Sammy June 4, 2024

      I hope it becomes a competitive sport. It’s about time!

    • Krystal2323 June 4, 2024

      For now, it’s just a showcase, but this could pave the way!

    • Michael J. June 4, 2024

      True, every new step counts. Fingers crossed!

  5. Bruce Wayne June 4, 2024

    Imagine Buakaw vs Pacquiao in the ring! Too bad it got postponed.

    • KungFuPhil June 4, 2024

      That fight would be legendary! Boxers versus kickboxers is a dream match-up.

    • Frank Glover June 4, 2024

      The styles are so different though. It might be a mismatch.

    • Bruce Wayne June 4, 2024

      Maybe. But just think of the hype and the skill showcase!

  6. Sheila June 4, 2024

    It’s amazing how Buakaw has managed to stay relevant all these years.

  7. HealthyEagle June 4, 2024

    I love how he runs the Buakaw Village Gym. Giving back to the community is what true champions do.

    • Tommy June 4, 2024

      Yeah, he’s shaping future champions. Great role model!

  8. George4Prez June 4, 2024

    I don’t get what’s so special about him. He’s just another fighter.

    • MuayLover June 4, 2024

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Buakaw is a legend!

    • Jake June 4, 2024

      It’s not just his fighting. It’s his dedication to promoting Muay Thai globally.

    • George4Prez June 4, 2024

      Promoting or just making more money from it?

  9. EagleEye June 4, 2024

    Can’t wait to see Muay Thai on the Olympic stage. It’ll be a spectacle!

  10. Sammy June 4, 2024

    Does anyone know if he’ll compete or just do the demo?

    • HealthyEagle June 4, 2024

      It’s just a demo for now, but maybe future competitions?

  11. MartialArtsFan June 4, 2024

    Buakaw’s fights with Saenchai are my all-time favorites. Pure magic in the ring!

    • Tracy T. June 4, 2024

      Same here! Their skill levels are just unreal.

  12. Krystal2323 June 4, 2024

    Olympics aside, I hope we get to see more of his fights in the coming years.

  13. SunnyD June 4, 2024

    Is Muay Thai even safe for the Olympics? It’s so brutal.

    • Tommy June 4, 2024

      All combat sports have their risks, but they can be managed.

  14. Daniel L. June 4, 2024

    Buakaw’s influence on modern Muay Thai is unparalleled. He’s a true ambassador.

  15. FlyingElbows June 4, 2024

    I am excited for this! Olympics just got way more interesting.

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