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Top 20 Cannabis Shops: Where to Buy Weed in Surin Vol 1, 2024

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Recent Reviews For Shops in Surin


  1. GreenThumb2023 March 31, 2024

    Finally, a well-curated list for Surin! The Cannabis scene there has been underrated for way too long.

    • Tom March 31, 2024

      Seriously? I think it’s overhyped. Prices are through the roof.

      • GreenThumb2023 March 31, 2024

        You pay for quality, Tom. Better than getting something shady.

      • MaryJaneLover March 31, 2024

        Tom’s got a point, though. Some shops do capitalize on tourists. Local knowledge is key.

    • JennyK March 31, 2024

      Discovered my favorite strain thanks to this list! đŸ™Œ

  2. Bob Marley Jr March 31, 2024

    Would love to see more about the ethical sourcing of their products. It’s important!

    • EcoWarrior March 31, 2024

      THIS! So many shops don’t care about the environment or fair labor practices.

  3. LocalDude March 31, 2024

    In my opinion, none of these shops hold a candle to the local growers. Overcommercialized nonsense.

    • TravelerJoe April 1, 2024

      Any suggestions for a traveler looking for the authentic experience?

      • LocalDude April 1, 2024

        Hit up the small stalls outside the main city. Talk to locals, not apps.

  4. ChillVibesOnly March 31, 2024

    Shop 5 on the list is the best. They have a lounge where you can try before you buy. Super chill.

    • SkepticalSara March 31, 2024

      I heard that place got a warning for not properly checking IDs. Makes me wary.

      • LegalEagle April 1, 2024

        I’m all for trying, but places need to keep it legal and safe for everyone.

      • ChillVibesOnly April 1, 2024

        Was there last week, looked like they’ve tightened up. Staff were checking everyone.

  5. 420everyday April 1, 2024

    Shop 18 is overrated. Their stock is average but priced like premium.

    • BudgetBud April 1, 2024

      Agreed. Found way better deals and quality at Shop 11.

    • HighRoller April 1, 2024

      Depends on what you value. Shop 18’s customer service is unmatched.

  6. Sarah April 1, 2024

    Is it just me or are we glorifying drug use a bit too much here?

    • MedicinalMike April 1, 2024

      Cannabis has a lot of medicinal benefits, though. It’s not all recreational.

      • Sarah April 1, 2024

        I understand the medicinal part, but the recreational use concerns me.

    • LegalizeIt April 1, 2024

      Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. It’s all about responsible use.

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