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CAAT believes that on Thai flights, passengers must still wear masks

Travelers will need to get professional ATK tests when they arrive even though they can still enter the country without a vaccination record or professional ATK test results. Although it is not a requirement with a penalty to wear masks on board, the authority advises against it for health and safety reasons. However, those who have had vaccinations must still show proof of their immunizations in order to enter the country, and those who have not received vaccinations but are passing through airport customs must have a negative ATK test result ready. The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand today advised that due to the enclosed nature of an airplane cabin, all passengers should continue to wear face masks while flying. Last week, The Royal Gazette reported that wearing a face mask is a voluntary practice in an open, breezy environment, but that it is advised in crowded places and settings where social distancing cannot be practiced, such as on the BTS Skytrain.

Because of the Royal Gazette declaration from last week, many people believed it to be fake news. Thai internet users swiftly spread the story of people using face masks on airplanes. However, the Anti-Fake News Center of Thailand affirmed the accuracy of the CAAT material. The CAAT also emphasized the need for every airline to thoroughly examine traveler documentation in accordance with each country’s travel rules. Beginning tomorrow, July 1, tourists entering Thailand won’t need to have a Thailand Pass or Covid-19 insurance.

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