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In Thailand, are face masks still needed on domestic flights?

Face masks are still common in Thailand even though the Covid-19 outbreak has passed. In Thailand, you could see people wearing masks on domestic flights, but are they required?

Face masks are still advised to be worn in busy areas despite the Thai government making them “optional” back in June. The announcement, which said, “The wearing of a mask is now an optional practice so that people can now live more in line with normal circumstances,” was published in the Royal Gazette. The Ministry of Population Health only advises the general public to wear a mask when they are living with others in a crowded space, in public gatherings where they can’t maintain social distance, or in places that are poorly ventilated in order to lower the risk of infection transmission.

Most people abide by requests to wear face masks on trains, as shown on the BTS Sky Train in Bangkok. It is not, however, an official requirement. If you don’t agree with wearing a face mask on the BTS, you won’t be punished, jailed, or expelled, but you might get some strange looks from other riders.

The same is said of airplanes. Face masks are not legally required to be worn on domestic flights, despite several airlines’ recommendations to the contrary. Some airlines might encourage mask use more than others.

Airlines Bangkok

According to Bangkok Airlines, wearing a face mask is not required on flights operated by the airline, The Thaiger said. Furthermore, we no longer demand the presentation of any Covid Test results or proof of immunization.

Thai Glow

Thai Smile reported to The Thaiger…

Face masks are not required, although we advise putting one on for the flight.

According to a passenger who flew with Thai Smile, wearing a mask was advised but “not aggressively enforced while on the plane.”


Please use a face mask unless you are eating, the cabin crew may request of passengers on AirAsia flights. One AirAsia customer who opposed the mask, nevertheless, told The Thaiger…

“Flew AirAsia several times over the last three weeks. I didn’t wear a mask, nor was I asked to do so. On the speaker system, they do say, “Please wear a mask at all times,” however we didn’t and nothing happened.

Air Nok

In a similar vein, Nok Air flights advise wearing face masks when flying but do not demand it.

Lion Air Thai

Once more, on Thai domestic flights, Thai Lion Air advises but does not enforce the usage of face masks.

VietJet Thailand

Although it is not legally required, Thai VietJet advises wearing a face mask while flying.

Thai Airlines

The nation’s flag carrier, which offers both domestic and international flights, advises using a face mask but does not require it.

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