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Tourists unwilling to visit Hong Kong due to present limitations

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Despite the elimination of Covid-19 restrictions, travel agents in Hong Kong report low tourist numbers. Tourists are returning to Hong Kong in small groups rather than on planned tours, although the 0+3 rule discourages them from doing so. All guests must undergo a three-day health examination upon arrival. Arrivals to restaurants, pubs, amusement parks, and museums are banned for three days and must be coronavirus-screened. On September 26, Hong Kong repealed the seven-day hotel quarantine and implemented 0+3. Hsu of TIC asserted that certified travel brokers could not organize tours prior to 0+3. Before the pandemic, four out of five tourists to Hong Kong were from China. The majority of arriving groups were touring. In January 2020, China ceased issuing tourist visas to Hong Kong residents and has no intentions to resume. China reduced quarantine restrictions on Friday. Now, new guests are required to spend five days in hotel quarantine and three days at home.

During the planned three days of health surveillance later this month, group tours led by certified guides will be permitted in tourist areas. Tourists were anticipated to return to Hong Kong as a result of the relaxation of pre-pandemic protocols, however, this has not occurred. The TIC anticipates ten to twenty individuals from Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. Gianna Hsu Wong Mei-lun, the chairperson of the TIC, stated that a Thai tour group will arrive and relax next Sunday. Industry and government were still studying the details of the looser regime. Hans & Hana Tour of South Korea stated that it was aware of the changes but had not heard anything from Seoul regarding group visits. Prior to the 2019 anti-government riots and the 2020 Covid pandemic, Hans & Hana Tour hosted between 3,000 and 6,000 South Koreans on group trips to Hong Kong every month. Very Good Tour did not anticipate a significant response because tourists were still required to undergo Covid-19 testing. Rakso Travel in the Philippines has no group excursions planned for Hong Kong. Chan Brothers and Dynasty Travel of Singapore stated that they have no Hong Kong tours scheduled. A representative of the Tourism Authority of Thailand explains that Thais desire to travel to Hong Kong but need time to decide.

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