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No longer necessary to close schools due to COVID outbreaks

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Schools and institutions will no longer be required to close in the event of an outbreak of the disease Covid-19, as it has been reduced to a communicable disease of concern. In his remarks at a press conference held yesterday, the Minister of Education Trinuch Thienthong stated that new control measures will not entail the imposition of definitive school closures in the event that an outbreak of the coronavirus affects a school.

Because of the high concentration of kids in a relatively small space, schools continue to pose a greater threat than the vast majority of other places. However, as of August 1st, the Ministry of Health has discontinued all three pandemic alerts. They did, however, advise some safety precautions because it is impossible to stop children engaging with one another in groups.

Along with wearing face masks while in enclosed spaces, it has been suggested that classes be organized to teach people how to be safety conscious around COVID. The Minister of Education reaffirmed their dedication to ensuring the well-being and protection of all school personnel, including educators. They said that more projects were being developed to address any concerns that were brought up in schools.

However, as of right now, it is not required to close a school in the event that there is an outbreak of the COVID virus. According to the minister, adjustments can be made to accommodate a cluster, but they do not have to be as significant as they were in the past.

“Since the pandemic situation in Thailand is currently thought to be controllable, school closures are not required. If Covid-infected kids or teachers are detected, classroom activities are going to be situationally adjusted rather than shut down,”

At this point, it appears that taking preventative steps and activities is the most effective way to deal with Covid at the school. The continuation of normal school operations was deemed acceptable by an assistant director of the Department of Health. However, he recommended that immunizations given in groups and the routine use of antigen test kits for the home become the norm. Additionally, the acting permanent secretary recommended the establishment of a Covid tracking system for educational institutions.

Still a significant number of young students have not received all of their vaccines. Only 1.1% of the five million students aged five to 11 who have been vaccinated have received both doses and the booster. In contrast, there has been a notable decline in the number of deaths and severe COVID infections among young individuals over the course of the past several months, with fewer cases necessitating hospitalization.

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