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Crowds are advised to wear masks amidst a Covid rise

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Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Health issued a warning that it is now strongly recommended that people wearing masks do so in crowded locations. They cannot wait to begin using them as soon as outbreaks take place, and they are looking forward to continuing to use them on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. For those of you who enjoy wearing masks, this warning is for you. The news of the increase in new Covid infections across Thailand, which ranges from 10% to 20% more cases, was announced in reaction to the situation. Following a discussion with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, the Phuket Provincial Health Office (PPHO) has not yet disclosed whether or not they intend to promote a similar mask recommendation among the local community. Yesterday, the PPHO spoke with the secretary via video chat about a variety of COVID-related matters, such as risk compensations, vaccine management, and other related issues. In the report that was written after the conference, there was no mention of any recommendation for the use of masks. Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, has previously made it publicly known that, as the Covid statistics continue to deteriorate, the wearing of masks is strongly advised in order to prevent greater outbreaks. In addition to this, he urged all hospitals to exercise extreme caution when it came to the administration of booster immunizations in order to maintain people’s protection against the Coronavirus. He warns that the number of deaths could go up in tandem with the number of new illnesses. At this time, there are approximately ten people who pass away every day as a result of COVID-19. Along with the rising number of cases reported each day, the death toll can also go up slightly. After the first of the year, things ought to start looking up again. The Ministry of Health has set a goal of having booster injections administered to 70 percent of the overall population, but reaching that goal will be challenging. As a result of the recent improvement in the COVID-19 situation, the number of persons getting shots has been going down.

According to the PPHO, as of right now, approximately 68.8% of the eligible population in Phuket has received a booster vaccine, and an additional 40.13% of the population has received a second booster dose. Even while the increasing incidence of infections is cause for concern, the majority of cases are still outpatients with symptoms that are considered to be quite moderate. According to The Phuket News, there is no current cause for concern over hospital overcrowding or an inability to manage the increase in the number of new COVID infections, despite the fact that masks are highly advised. The one thing that has really stood out to us as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak is how much of a fascination individuals have with donning masks.

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  1. TON January 9, 2023

    Wearing a mask does damage your health more and it is useless, in China they wear more than 2 years almost 24hours a day a mask and still get 70% infected and 70% is vaccinated! When start people use their common sense, instead of listening to the doctors who are all paid by ” Big Pharma”

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