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Holiday travel pairings are increasing an increase in serious Covid-19 infections

The five-day holiday weekend is expected to see an increase in severe Covid-19 infections, according to the Department of Disease Control, but there also seems to be a rise in the number of people with these illnesses. The epidemiology director of the DDC issued this warning along with data on the rise in serious coronavirus infections and those requiring ventilator support. The Thai people, and even the government, do not want to hear about this terrifying Covid-19 advisory because they predict a week of record-breaking tourism sales that will bring in hundreds of millions, if not billions, of baht. The outbreaks, which are currently mostly contained to a few provinces, may spread as holiday travelers cross provincial boundaries and mingle during sightseeing, shopping, partying, and other vacation activities. He issues a warning that a prolonged holiday with many visitors from across the country could exacerbate outbreaks. Despite the advances, there are still 18 fatalities on average per day in Covid-19; the number has not yet started to rise. According to him, the average daily admissions increased this week from 2,082 to 2,212, but hospitals are still able to handle the inflow. Prior to two weeks ago, 290 patients needed a ventilator, and 638 patients were thought to have serious illnesses with lung inflammation. The Greater Bangkok region and other important tourism-producing areas are seeing an increase in the prevalence of new diseases. This month’s numerous extended vacations could hasten the spread of the illness. The rise in lung inflammation patients may have an impact on the supply of beds and medical supplies. The DDC epidemiology director appears to concur, stating that during the peak of the Delta variant pandemic, hospitals treated hundreds of patients with severe Covid infections and ventilators. By appropriately avoiding the sickness, people can help. There were 349 people on ventilators and 786 people with serious infections as of Sunday. According to the director, these figures are consistent with the rise in overall Covid infections. The Ministry of Public Health will not elevate the Covid alert level above Level 2 in order to support economic growth, claiming that healthcare systems can still manage the rise in coronavirus infections.

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