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🇹🇭 Urgent COVID-19 update for inbound travelers to Thailand: Don’t get caught off guard

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Thailand has recently implemented new measures for passengers arriving in the country by air. These measures are in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect public health. If you are planning to travel to Thailand by air, it is important to familiarize yourself with these requirements to ensure that you are able to smoothly enter the country.

As of January 9th, passengers 18 years, and above are required to present a vaccination certificate or a letter from a doctor indicating that they have recovered from COVID-19 within the past 6 months (180 days). The vaccination certificate should indicate that the passenger has received a full course of a vaccine that is approved by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The letter from a doctor should indicate that the passenger has tested negative for COVID-19 within the past 6 months and has fully recovered from the illness.

Passengers coming from countries with measures in place to prevent people infected with COVID from returning must also have health insurance covering COVID treatment for the duration of their trip in Thailand. This requirement is in place to ensure that travelers have access to necessary medical care in the event that they become infected with COVID-19 while in Thailand. Expats with Thai social security are exempt from this requirement.

It’s important to note that Thai passport holders and transit passengers are exempt from the vaccination and health insurance requirements. Airlines are responsible for checking the documents required for entry into Thailand, and if a passenger is unable to present the necessary documents, the airline should refuse to allow them to board.

In addition to the vaccination and health insurance requirements, airlines are expected to follow guidelines on mask use during the journey. Passengers should be asked to wear masks throughout their journey, except when eating or in an emergency. This is to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of all passengers and staff.

Finally, passengers with symptoms of COVID-19 during their journey will be advised to undergo a test upon arrival at their destination. This is to help prevent the spread of the virus and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect public health.

These requirements are in place from January 9th at 1:00 a.m. It is important for all passengers to familiarize themselves with these requirements and to have the necessary documents in order to avoid any issues when traveling to Thailand.

Thailand COVID-19 Entry Insurance

As part of the new COVID-19 requirements for inbound travel to Thailand, it is important to have health insurance coverage for the duration of your trip depending on your country. To make it easy for you to find the right insurance plan, we’ve provided a comparison tool below. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage before your trip to Thailand.

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Posted by PR Thai Government on Thursday, 5 January 2023


  1. Larry Roberts January 7, 2023

    Stuff Thailand. The greedy thai government wanted the dirty Chinese back for there monetary needs. Now where back to square one. Time to go to a new south east Asian country…stuff Thailand.

    • LK Sow January 7, 2023

      Guess there is non more dirty than your sick thinking…

    • T. G January 8, 2023

      Dirty Chinese? Can you be anymore Xenophobic? Please do visit somewhere else in Asia. We dont need Aholes like you in Thailand.

    • Robert January 8, 2023

      Exactly and these Chinese book hotel stay, coach tours, and eat at Chinese operated restaurants and all the tourist bht goes back to you know where definitive not the thai economy,,,,, monkeys could run a better govt

      • Naksuthi January 9, 2023

        Do you know the head of Tesla is a Chinese.
        And Tesla had to import Chinese managers from China to get lazy Americans in their Fremont California to work harder?

        There is just a lot of super talented hardworking people in China who strongly believe in manufacturing,” the billionaire said. “They won’t just be burning the midnight oil, they will be burning the 3am oil, they won’t even leave the factory type of thing, whereas in America people are trying to avoid going to work at all.”

      • Naksuthi January 9, 2023

        So when western people come to Thailand do you criticize them for eating at McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King? Or Staying at the American Marriott, Holiday Inn, Ramada Inn

        I think you are a race hating white person

        Am i right?

    • Dave stamer January 8, 2023

      One less idiot then

    • Naksuthi January 9, 2023

      Why are you calling chinese dirty
      Ypu sound like someone who does not like Chinese race

  2. Jason January 7, 2023

    Is that article accurate? That is ridiculous, many of my friends and family had booked flights and airbnb for middle of the month and now won’t be able to go.

    Chances are after this BS they will never visit TH again, hope the Chinese tourists are worth pissing off the rest.

    • BobbyMac January 7, 2023

      Hey guys, I got lucky I arrived in bangkok on New Years. There wasn’t any requirements needed but your passport.
      Hang in there, base on my experience, thai tourist authority changes the role every month.
      Please don’t get discouraged. It’s worth visit Thailand when you have a chance.
      Peace out ✌️

    • lol January 7, 2023

      why they wont be able to go? they just need to get RT covid tests and insurance. That’s it.

      • Cass January 7, 2023

        It says you must have 2 doses of vaccination so anyone who does not, will not be able to go

        • TON January 8, 2023

          Its not true, if you have Janssen vaccin, 1 shot is enough.

    • Marcus January 7, 2023

      why you are your friends cannot go? Don’t have 20 Dollars for an insurance or what?

      • Cherie January 7, 2023

        20 dollars if you are australia more like 300 for a month

        • Anthony ereira January 8, 2023

          My last trip November i booked with tune insurance Thailand was around 2,400 baht for 6 weeks for health insurance up to a millon baht Australian companies wanted nearly double that.

    • Naksuthi January 9, 2023

      Thailand depends on the rich Chinese …not the poor backpackers from western countries

  3. David January 7, 2023

    That’s it for Thai tourism! There are other as attractive and MORE attractive than Thailand. The short-sightedness is astounding. But, the Thai offialdom cannot be cured…

    • David January 7, 2023

      …and, on the point of returning, so pleased not to have booked yet!

  4. MatrixRevolt January 7, 2023

    because a “vaccine” does what, reduces transmission lol again stupidity conveyed by the finest of humans in charge…

    • Eddie January 7, 2023

      I got vaccinated with Johnson 1 time in December 2021 ? Can I still enter the Thailand ? Somebody told me that 1 Johnson vaccine count as 2 others ??

      • TON January 8, 2023

        Yes you can enter Thailand, with 1 shot Johnson(Jansen vaccin)

  5. P mc d January 7, 2023


  6. Hervé Dupuis January 7, 2023

    I have a retirement visa i am out the country and go back the 24th with a re-entry visa. I have no insurances. Do i need an assurance covid-19?

  7. Joel January 7, 2023

    Bunch off idiots ,you are all puppets in ” them” hands

  8. Nazareth nassar January 7, 2023


  9. Nazareth nassar January 7, 2023

    i have a ticket on 13.1 and a visa, im not vaccinated nor do i have a recovery, any options?????

    • Naabi January 8, 2023

      Probably getting vaccinated ASAP else I guess very little you could do

    • dontgetvaxxed January 8, 2023

      make a counterfeit vax card. they don’t check them, they just glance.

      • Michael January 8, 2023

        not worth the risk of arrest and imprisonment, IMHO

  10. Nazareth nassar January 7, 2023

    this is not fare, this is bullshit, vaccine is bullshit, we have an immune complex system, stop this

  11. Jason January 7, 2023

    So I am booked for 6 weeks with my whole family now I can’t go f you thailand you greedy mutts.The vaccine doesn’t stop anything ffs.

    • Red Dogg January 9, 2023

      Thanks Doc

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  14. Gary Smith January 8, 2023

    What a giant step backwards and all because of the Chinese returning. I will just go elsewhere in future.

  15. Michael January 8, 2023

    I will be returning to Thailand on a retirement visa. I tested positive for covid using the antibody test in July. Since then, I have tested negative on RT PCR tests. Will this be sufficient to enter Thailand?

  16. TON January 8, 2023

    In China they use already more than 2 years facemasks almost 24h a day, and still there are 250.000.000 positive tested. There can only ONE conclusion: ” facemasks are useless”. How much more proof do you want!!!!

    • Red Dogg January 9, 2023

      Then don’t come to Thailand so you can be mask free!

  17. TON January 8, 2023

    70% of the Cinese population is vaccinated, now 70% is tested positive, 100% is wearing a facemasks. Conclusion: facemasks are useless and the vaccines are useless too!!!! Go on Thailand, believe in the lies from Big Pharma, the WHO and the WEF. Its again proof we are ruled by people who don’t use their common sense, but just belive the lies. Follow the money!!

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