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๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ Urgent COVID-19 update for inbound travelers to Thailand: Part Two!

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect travel around the world, Thailand has recently made a significant change to its requirements for travelers entering the country. According to the latest Notice to Airmen (Notam), unvaccinated travelers are now allowed to enter Thailand, provided they are willing to undergo a COVID-19 test upon arrival. This marks a significant change from previous requirements, which prohibited unvaccinated travelers from entering the country altogether.

Despite this change, there are still a number of requirements that travelers to Thailand must meet in order to enter the country. One of the main requirements is proof of vaccination or recovery from COVID-19. All passengers 18 years of age or older must provide evidence that they have received a full course of vaccination or that they have recovered from COVID-19 within the past 180 days (six months). Passengers who are unable to provide proof of vaccination must have a letter from a doctor stating the reason for their inability to be vaccinated.

In addition to vaccination or recovery, travelers from countries that have requirements in place that may prevent them from returning home due to COVID-19 must also have health insurance covering at least $10,000 of treatment for COVID-19 for their itinerary in Thailand, plus an additional seven days. This requirement is in place to ensure that travelers have access to necessary medical care while in Thailand.

There are a few exceptions to these requirements. Holders of official and diplomat passports, as well as United Nations Laissez-passer, are exempt from the health insurance requirement. Thai passport holders and transit/transfer passengers are also exempt from both the vaccination check and the health insurance requirement.

Airlines are responsible for checking that travelers have the necessary documents to meet these requirements. If a passenger fails to provide the necessary documentation, they may be subjected to a COVID-19 test upon arrival in Thailand. It is important for travelers to have these documents with them when traveling to avoid any delays or difficulties.

In addition to the vaccination and health insurance requirements, airlines are also required to adhere to related regulations and guidance, such as requiring passengers to wear masks at all times except during meals or in emergency situations. Any passenger displaying symptoms of COVID-19 during travel should also be recommended to get tested upon arrival in Thailand.

By following these requirements and guidelines, travelers can help to protect the health and safety of themselves and others while traveling to Thailand. It is important to stay up to date on the latest requirements and recommendations for travel to Thailand, as they may change over time.

Thailand COVID-19 Entry Insurance

As part of the new COVID-19 requirements for inbound travel to Thailand, it is important to have health insurance coverage for the duration of your trip depending on your country. To make it easy for you to find the right insurance plan, we’ve provided a comparison tool below. Make sure you have the right insurance coverage before your trip to Thailand.

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Posted by PR Thai Government on Thursday, 5 January 2023


  1. David January 8, 2023

    What a load of BS! Are they stubborn or plain stupid? Only Thailand seems to believe the covid hoax. Are the authorities in cahoots with total control and enslavement of the people? The injections are killing people!

    • Editorial Team Post author | January 8, 2023

      Unvaccinated are now allowed to travel, and may only be subject to a swab test.

      • Dan January 9, 2023

        to the author: regarding the passenger who cant produce a document proving these requirements are met, will be subjected to conduct a COVID-19 test test at the airport in thailand, do you mind to put a link with the original source ? for the moment airlines are giving such a information ! so your article is confusing. Thanks

        • Jake January 9, 2023

          The source was the NOTAM:


          1. Passenger 18 years old or older must provide proof of full vaccination or proof of covid-19 recovery not more than 6 months (180 days) passenger who does not have vaccine must have a letter from doctor providing reason.

          2. Passenger from country that has requirements which may prevent passenger to go back due to covid-19 shall be required to have health insurance covering at least usd $10,000 of treatment of covid-19 for the itineraries in Thailand plus 7 days. Those with business arrangement, including flight crew, student, may have a letter from the host or other form of insurance to cover such need.

          3. Holder of official and diplomat passport, United Nations Laissez-passer are exempted health insurance requirements.

          4. Holder of Thai passport and transit/transfer passengers are exempted from vaccination check and health insurance requirements.

          5. The airlines must check the documents as required. If passenger fails to produce document proving these requirements are met, the passenger is subjected to be tested at the port of arrival.

          6. The airlines must adhere to related regulation and comply with the guidance as appropriate such as asking passenger to wear mask at all time except during meal or emergency situation.

          7. Any passenger having symptoms of covid-19 during travel shall be recommended to test at arrival.


    • Toshi January 8, 2023

      Travelers should understand Thailand covid19 situation if they want to visit and enjoy travel.Still Thailand vaccine percent ratio is low comparing with EU.And now Thai is cold,so influenza risk is high.Thai government has to protect their people.
      The reason of health insurance requirement is many foreigner visitors did not pay for their medical treatment.
      So Thai hospitals have to require this insurance prior to the traveller’s treatment.These reaction of Thai is reasonable.

      • Helmut January 9, 2023

        is any Hospital not able,to check Passports?If not payed in time,a little
        notice to Immigration and Person cannot leave Thaland before everything payed

      • Cameron February 2, 2023

        I call BS on your claim that “many foreigner visitors did not pay for their medical treatment”. I traveled to Thailand MANY times during the height of the pandemic. I had to undergo several self-funded quarantines upon arrival, including one which was 15 days. Not to mention, PCR tests during my quarantine.

        One of the major requirements for those visits was that I had to pay for insurance. Every foreigner had to pay for insurance during that time. So, I don’t know how you can claim that there were foreigners whom were not paying for their medical treatments. To the contrary, there were many visitors whom got screwed over by the Thai authorities, forced into additional quarantine in very poor facilities, which their Thai insurance refused to cover.

    • Sam Whitney January 9, 2023

      Covid hoax? Someone is stupid but certainly not our government

    • Cameron February 2, 2023

      The vaccines are not killing people. Stop believing the false right-wing talking point about, “healthy people are instantly dropping dead”. THAT is the hoax, invented by the far-right US nutjobs, to divide the US citizens.

  2. Tony January 9, 2023

    Is that a Vaccination within 6 the last Months how not just request a PCR teats or a Rapid test on arrival or before departure. How many people have caught COVID in transit? A Thai citizen is not effected? Rapid Test everyone.

    • TON January 9, 2023

      Tests are not reliable, besides, the vaccins are more dangerous than the covid flu. Read the latest international survey about the vaccins and even the test results from Pfizer, show that the chance to get a heart attack when you are vaccinsted with a mRNA vaccin is 25% higher!!!

      • Cameron February 2, 2023

        Stop spreading misinformation. The vaccines have proven to be extremely safe.

    • Cameron February 2, 2023

      No, it does not say “vaccination within 6 months”. It says, “OR letter from physician showing recovering not more than 6 months”

  3. Tony January 9, 2023

    Is that a Vaccination within the last 6 Months? Why not just request a PCR test or a Rapid test on arrival or before departure? How many people have caught COVID in transit? A Thai citizen is not effected? Rapid Test everyone.

    • Cameron February 2, 2023

      No, it does not say โ€œvaccination within 6 monthsโ€. It says, โ€œOR letter from physician showing recovering not more than 6 monthsโ€

  4. Michael January 10, 2023

    Please … is there a list of countries that have requirements in place that may prevent their citizens from returning home due to COVID-19 ??? Is Italy or the USA on this list? I need to know whether travel insurance is required.
    There should be such a list available to airlines and immigration, so therefore available to all. Please do not tell me to do a Google search or call local consulate unless you have already attempted such a futile exercise.

    • Cameron February 2, 2023

      USA will NOT prevent you from returning home. The US CDC website would be your source, if you were to check for entry restrictions into USA.

  5. Breaking News: Public health measures for foreign travelers entering Thailand – Thai Expat Health Insurance January 13, 2023

    […] Thailand maintains ‘fully-reopen’ entry rules ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ Urgent COVID-19 update for inbound travelers to Thailand: Part Two! […]

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