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Since May, Phuket Immigration has recorded over 100,000 Indian visitors

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This was the number of the 436,326 foreign visitors who landed in Phuket at that time. According to experts of the tourism industry, Phuket’s “Old Town” in the center of the city is currently extremely popular with visitors from India. According to reports, Indian tourists enjoy taking pictures of the Old Town’s beautiful buildings. The countries that have sent the most tourists to Thailand include Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Germany, the United States, and Russia. The top five nations by number of travelers coming in Thailand were Malaysia, India, Laos, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. In addition to enjoying the architecture and outdoor activities, Indian tourists adore nothing more than to meander through Old Town and shop there. In an effort to reassure travelers, many establishments have recently started to educate themselves about Indian food, music, and culture. An official spokeswoman for the government stated last week that more than 4 million foreigners have visited Thailand this year. Even though Malaysian travelers to Thailand now outnumber Indian visitors overall, the bulk of tourists in Phuket are still from India. The consistent influx of Indian tourists has helped Phuket’s tourism industry rebound this year after being severely hurt by Covid-19 restrictions. According to Phuket Immigration, 104,350 Indian tourists traveled to the island province between May 1 and August 30. Additionally, they enjoy outdoor recreation in settings like forests and beaches. Two of these activities include zip line and go karting.

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