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Thailand reported an upsurge in major cases and deaths linked to COVID-19

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The Public Health Ministry reported that 29 new deaths and 2,390 additional coronavirus in-patients had occurred on the previous day. Bangkok in particular is experiencing a coronavirus “mini-wave” in Thailand. 2,390 new cases and 30 fatalities were reported as of today (July 24) according to Worldometers. Today’s reported new infections were all spread within Thailand. 24,702 individuals, including 12,290 hospital patients, were receiving Covid-19 medication as of yesterday. According to the ministry, there were 2,578 new cases reported yesterday, along with 29 fatalities on the previous day. The figures have increased since Worldometers reported 1,814 new cases and 17 new deaths on Monday (July 18). Patients using ventilators increased from 349 to 409 throughout this time.

874 of the patients who were admitted to the hospital had severe lung irritation. Over the previous week, that number has increased from 786. Lung infections accounted for around 8% of Covid hospitalizations, according to a doctor at Bangkok’s Siriraj Hospital last week. Even while there have been reports of about 2,000 cases each day, other experts contend that there are actually more like 20,000 to 30,000 illnesses occurring each day. According to the ministry, the number of fatalities and serious illnesses has been gradually increasing over the previous week.

The World Health Organization cautions that the Covid pandemic is far from over even though things seem to be returning to normal. Over the past week, Thailand has recorded an increase in deaths and serious cases associated with COVID-19.

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