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Almost two thirds of Thais, according to a poll, are sick of putting on masks

The Department of Health Service Support conducted the online survey to gauge public sentiment regarding the current relaxation of Covid-19 limits in Thailand. The top response given by Thai individuals when questioned about specific locations they do not want to be seen in were entertainment establishments.

They advise those who could be susceptible to infection to use home antigen test kits every 3 to 5 days to confirm ongoing negative findings and to stop the spread of the infection as soon as possible if it already exists. A total of 7,507 persons took part in the survey, which was held between June 17 and June 30. Nearly two thirds of those who participated said there were some places where they preferred not to wear masks. For individuals who are still considered high risk, such as the elderly, pregnant, or those with underlying diseases, the government nevertheless recommends wearing masks when in groups or busy places. Since late June, masks have not been needed to be worn in public or outdoors, although many people still do so, especially in light of the rise in infections following the long weekend. According to a recent poll, Thais are sick of wearing masks and would often prefer to forego the bother. As entertainment venues are among the easiest places for the coronavirus to spread due to a number of circumstances, including proximity, lack of inhibitions, huge crowds, inadequate ventilation, and the prevalence of sharing beverages, the department found this to be concerning.

The survey centered on the following two issues:
Wearing your face mask still?

62.8 percent of respondents said they would want to avoid using masks in specific situations, 36.3 percent said they would like to maintain wearing masks, and 0.9 percent said they would never wear masks.

Where do you no longer wear your mask?

Entertainment places make up 12.53 percent, cinemas 10.35 percent, shopping malls 9.79 percent, markets 8.95 percent, and public transportation 8.78 percent.

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