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Cannabis Buds Set to Become Illegal in Thailand

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Thailand is at a pivotal moment with its cannabis policies. The government has proposed reclassifying cannabis buds as Category 5 narcotics starting January 1, 2025, reversing the 2022 decriminalization. This move has ignited a strong public response, with over 25,000 people voicing their opposition. The majority are concerned about the impact on patients relying on cannabis-based medicine and the potential for industry monopolization by large capital groups.

It’s not too late to submit your feedback: HERE

Advocacy groups, like the Writing Thai Cannabis’ Future Network, have been vocal against the reclassification. They argue that this change will harm patients and small businesses, pushing the industry into the hands of a few large players. The group walked out of a meeting with Health Minister Somsak Thepsuthin, criticizing his refusal to establish a joint fact-finding committee to explore the implications of the reclassification. They plan a large rally on July 8, 2024, near Government House to protest the policy.

Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnvirakul and Deputy Government Spokesman Karom Phonphonklang have both highlighted the benefits of cannabis for medical use and economic contributions. They warn that reclassification could lead to unnecessary arrests and economic setbacks. Anutin emphasizes the importance of public feedback in democratic processes and stresses the need for comprehensive cannabis legislation rather than reverting to strict controls. Anutin also acknowledged that the majority support cannabis.

From an academic perspective, Prof. Panthep Puapongphan, Dean of the College of Oriental Medicine at Rangsit University, has debunked claims linking cannabis decriminalization to increased psychiatric cases. He attributes fluctuations in psychiatric patient numbers to the COVID-19 pandemic rather than cannabis use and calls for effective regulation and law enforcement.

The Ministry of Public Health has extended the public feedback period until June 25, 2024. They are seeking opinions on the draft regulation, which includes restricting cannabis use to medical, research, and health products. Public participation is crucial in shaping the final regulations.

Given the strong public opposition and the importance of balanced cannabis regulation, it is vital for more people to submit their feedback. Your voice can influence the future of cannabis laws in Thailand. Visit the Ministry of Public Health’s feedback page to provide your input before the deadline.

Together, everyone can work towards a balanced and fair cannabis policy in Thailand that considers both public health and economic benefits. The future of cannabis in Thailand can be guided by informed decisions and the collective voice of its people.


  1. M. Dimitri S June 18, 2024

    It’s a good thing if they re classify as narcotic, I have nothing against people smoking pot but I am sick of all these idiots smoking in public places and spoiling the air with their stinky buds.

    • Jane June 19, 2024

      If you sick then go back Russia.

    • Larry June 19, 2024

      That’s no reason to have it reclassified.
      The police should just fine people for smoking in public places, or make certain spaces available for smoking.

    • Paul June 19, 2024

      Dear Dimitri, Stay HOME you Moron if you don’t like Pot smoke because Thai people smoke cigarettes like a Blast furnace and that doesn’t Bother you? You’re a Dunce who should Stay home in your Boring Commie country.

    • Paul S. June 19, 2024

      Stay home in Boring Commie Russia

  2. Jory best June 19, 2024

    Friends!! I do wish to send feedback to the parliamentary group trying to recriminalize buds!! Cannot seem to get the download from your original page……soooo I will briefly express here, please!!

    It is completely ABSURD! To recriminalize marijuana buds!!! This kind of backward thinking does NO GOOD!there is not a single event of marijuana ever killing someone in 10,000 years of use and history!!
    And yet alcohol and tobacco are freely available, with gov’t blessings, o kill and maim uncounted thousands
    ( millions, worldwide!!!)….and they are easily accessible to young people……
    To criminalize buds is based on DISINFORMATION which has been peddled around the world, primarily
    By the criminal American gov’t, and has destroyed countless lives, families, etc, base on LIES AND DECEIPT!!!!
    All this fuss over a simple flower that makes people more careful, more peaceful, more HAPPY(?)……
    We all know, alcohol brings out the demon in people, countless murders, abuses, accidents are tolerated by these “DO -GOODER” polititians, while they want to criminalise millions of Thai. People and tourists, farangs, OVERNIGHT!! On January 1, 2025!!!!! Utterly absurd, these people need their motives and sanity checked!!!
    Plus!! Millions die from tobacco pollution, but not cannibis, yet it is legal and available…..

  3. Paul S. June 19, 2024

    Ignorant Russian Dunce Should Stay home and go to Ukraine for Glory.

    • Jane June 28, 2024

      Paul S. , you are shitty idiot. I guess briton pig

  4. Paul S. June 19, 2024

    Stay Home Commie Dunce

  5. Jack June 19, 2024

    Many make strong arguments about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and its economic prospects and I certainly will not disagree. However, I also see the benefits sociologically: modern urban life is filled with toxic stimuli and cultural demands that degrade our experiences as human beings. Incessant competition, making money, thinking about money, work yourself like a robot, incessant consumption, incessant materialism, showing off high-status goods, noisy streets, shock value and sensationalism in the news, etc. Smoking cannabis at the end of the day allows us to distance ourselves from this type of toxicity that floods our world, freeing us from this rat race, if only for a few minutes, prompting us to think about who we are, who we’ve become, rather than worrying about this need to become materialists. This recriminalization thing is a mistake economically, for one’s physical health, and for one’s mental health. We need to learn the art of slowing down a bit.

  6. Joe king July 16, 2024

    If for medical purposes then it should be available. As for the thai cannabis future network worried that it will be pushed into the hands of a few large players, well that could also be a good thing. Certainly don’t need 400 shops in one town all competing for the same customers. There is no money in it. 90 percent of shops are empty. It’s impossible they are making money anyway. I’ve got no problem with the current situation, but they need to restrict the number of licences in a given area.

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