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Caught Red-Handed: Thai Police Officer’s Pot Smoking Video Goes Viral! Here’s What Reveals Next!

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In a striking episode that has set the cyberspace of Thailand ablaze, the respected Royal Thai Police (RTP) has found itself in the throes of controversy. The cause? A video featuring an on-duty police officer indulging in a session of cannabis consumption, that too, out of a bong, went viral on various social media platforms.

According to the unfolding scenarios, the cyber spectacle was first put under the spotlight by a well-established Facebook page known as Eight-pointed Star. With vehement browser traffic and a dedicated community of followers, the platform posted an alarming video of the police officer flouting the established norms and using cannabis, nonchalantly, in his official attire.

The plot thickens as the Facebook page reveals on the date, November 15, the identification of the officer in question. The violator is by no means a small fry; it is alleged the officer is a police lieutenant acting as a deputy inspector of the Crime Suppression Division. This particular division falls under the operations umbrella of the Provincial Police Region 8.

In order to substantiate the narrative, the Facebook page included a visual confirmation in the form of a screenshot taken from the video and posted in the comment section. The image features the officer, uncannily surrendering to the bliss of cannabis consumption, whilst stationed inside a room.

As is typical with such revelations, the public responses have been varied and divisive. Some netizens unleashed severe censure on the station, opining that the action of indulging in the use of cannabis whilst clad in the police uniform strays from personal conduct etiquette and is, hence, highly unacceptable. A portion of this group also expressed distaste at the propagation of such video content, perceiving it as a disruption to social order.

However, providing a contrast to the prevailing lambasting attitude, a selection of netizens deemed the act justifiable, since medical purposes could be the underlying reason behind the officer’s cannabis usage, which is perfectly lawful.

Moving forward in this intriguing narrative, the commander of the Provincial Police Region 8, Sermphan Sikong, felt compelled to clarify the air of controversy swirling around. The officer caught on video indulging in the act was none other than Police Lieutenant Somkiat, operating from Wiang Sa Police Station nestled in the Southern province of Surat Thani.

Further delving into the backstory, Sermphan disclosed that Somkiat succumbed to the sedative allure of cannabis on the morning of November 13, right in the comfort of his home. What followed next was a deliberate violation of privacy as another officer documented the act and took to his personal Facebook account to publicize it.

As an addendum to the unfolding scandal, Sermphan revealed a glimpse into Somkiat’s medical history characterized by long-term mental health complications and subsequent treatment sessions at Suan Saranrom Hospital. The hospital in question is revered for its commendable work in rehabilitating drug addicts and incorporating cannabis into its treatment regime.

Addressing the sensational incident, Sermphan assured the irate public of appointing a committee that would delve deep into unraveling the purpose behind the implicated usage of cannabis.

As part of the action plan, corrective measures will be enforced on both the officers tied to the controversy—Somkiat and his fellow violator who recorded and circulated the video. Both are to face strict repercussions for damaging the esteemed reputation of RTP.

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