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Celebrate Art and Imagination at Trendy Gallery’s 19th Anniversary Exhibition in Bangkok

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Step into a world where art transforms and imagination knows no bounds. Trendy Gallery is thrilled to invite you to a celebration like no other – our 19th Anniversary, marked by the unveiling of ’19’, an art exhibition poised to redefine the boundaries of creativity. On Saturday, the 8th of June, 2024, prepare to be whisked away into an enchanting afternoon that commences at 2:00 PM, held at the heart of creativity, Trendy Gallery, located on the 2nd floor of River City Bangkok.

For nearly two decades, Trendy Gallery has been a beacon of artistic excellence, and this year is no exception. ’19’ isn’t just a number; it’s a curated mosaic of diverse talents, bringing together leading artists whose names resonate like symphonies among art enthusiasts. These artists, including the illustrious 2CHOEY, the emotive brush strokes of CRYBABY MOLLY, SUNTUR’s vibrant visions, and S I R I’s abstract worlds, to mention just a few, have come together to inject a dose of vibrancy into our 19th year with their one-of-a-kind artworks.

But, oh, the journey doesn’t end there. The ensemble cast also includes KENZ’s daring palettes, KARMS’s delicate narratives, YAMADA’s cultural tapestries, and POORBOY’s gritty realism. Not to forget, MRKREME’s sweet concoctions of color, MACKCHA’s serene landscapes, MAMABLUES’s soulful blues, OCTOBER29’s haunting allure, SONGSIN T.’s evocative portraiture, UDOM TAEPHANICH’s insightful illustrations, and WISUT PONNIMIT’s whimsical worlds. Together, they create a kaleidoscope of artistic brilliance that promises to captivate and inspire.

Here’s the agenda for those who wouldn’t want to miss a beat of this artistic symphony:

  • Exclusive preview: The magic begins at 2:00 PM, offering you a first glimpse into the world of ’19’ – where every piece tells a story, every color sings, and every shape dances.
  • Opening Reception: As the clock strikes 4:00 PM, the celebration ascends to a crescendo with our opening reception. Mingle, meet with the maestros behind the masterpieces, and perhaps, find yourself lost in conversations that meander through the realms of inspiration, technique, and what lies beyond.

Mark your calendars: 8 June – 21 July 2024. This rollercoaster of creative splendor is located at none other than Trendy Gallery, 2nd floor, River City Bangkok. This is not just an exhibition; it’s a nineteen-year milestone that celebrates creativity, diversity, and unyielding passion for the arts.

We are not just inviting you to an event; we are inviting you to be part of a historic celebration that pays homage to the power of creativity that binds us all. Join us, not just to observe, but to immerse, engage, and revel in the celebration of our 19th anniversary. Together, let’s turn this page of Trendy Gallery’s journey into a celebration that’s remembered long after the last artwork is taken down. See you there, where art and soul meet.


  1. ArtLover99 May 24, 2024

    This sounds like an incredible event! Trendy Gallery has always been at the forefront of the contemporary art scene in Bangkok. Can’t wait to see what ’19’ has in store for us.

    • CynicArt May 24, 2024

      Incredible? More like another pretentious gathering. Art has become more about who you know than what you create. Wonder how many truly original pieces will be there.

      • ArtLover99 May 24, 2024

        I think you’re missing the point. It’s about celebrating diversity and creativity. Maybe try to see it as an opportunity to witness new perspectives.

      • Modernist May 24, 2024

        I have to agree with @ArtLover99 here. You can’t judge an event before it even happens. Let’s give ’19’ a chance to surprise us.

  2. GallerySkeptic May 24, 2024

    19 years and still clinging to the same old names. Art evolves, but seems like Trendy Gallery doesn’t. When will they start showcasing new talents?

    • NewArtWave May 24, 2024

      Exactly! It’s always the same circle. There’s so much undiscovered talent out there waiting for a platform.

      • EmergingArtist May 24, 2024

        It’s tough for new artists to break into these circles. But isn’t it our duty to support all art, not just the established names?

  3. Joe May 24, 2024

    Looking forward to this! Art events like these are what make the Bangkok art scene so vibrant and dynamic. Cheers to Trendy Gallery!

    • BudgetArtFan May 24, 2024

      Sounds amazing but I bet the entry fee is a fortune. Do regular folks even stand a chance to attend these kinds of events?

      • Joe May 24, 2024

        Actually, entry is free! It’s all about inclusivity and celebrating art. You should definitely check it out.

  4. Serena May 24, 2024

    I’m curious about how these exhibitions impact local artists. Are they supportive, or do they overshadow smaller, local talent?

    • LocalArtLover May 24, 2024

      Good point, Serena. It’s a double-edged sword. Exposure is great, but it can be hard for local talent to get noticed in the shadow of bigger names.

      • Serena May 24, 2024

        That’s exactly what I’m worried about. It should be about lifting all artists, not just the ones who’ve already made it.

  5. AbstractFanatic May 24, 2024

    Trendy Gallery’s anniversary events have become too mainstream for my liking. Remember when art was radical and groundbreaking? Now, it’s just another social gathering.

    • AvantGarde May 24, 2024

      Absolutely agree. It’s time for a new revolution in art. Trendy Gallery should lead, not follow.

  6. CultureVulture May 24, 2024

    Bracing myself for the flood of ‘art-inspired’ Instagram selfies this event will unleash. Does anyone go to these things to actually appreciate the art anymore?

    • InstaArtist May 24, 2024

      Why not both? Social media is a powerful tool for art appreciation and sharing. It’s not all bad.

      • RealistPainter May 24, 2024

        It’s a shame, though, when selfies overshadow the actual artworks. Sometimes it feels like the art is just backdrop for social media profiles.

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