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Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium’s Majestic Revamp: Dive into a 29-Million-Baht Underwater Wonderland

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Imagine stepping into a liquid world where majestic sharks glide silently by, rays dance in the water like living kites, and ancient turtles paddle through an underwater wonderland. Welcome to Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium, a magical realm that has recently undergone a transformative 29-million-baht renovation, courtesy of the Zoological Park Organisation of Thailand. Nestled in the heart of Muang district, this aquatic paradise now boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including air conditioning for those steamy days, an all-accessible safety walkway for everyone to enjoy, and revamped habitats for over 80 species of aquatic wildlife.

At the center of this mesmerizing underwater universe is the 133-metre-long tunnel, a marvel of engineering and the crown jewel of the aquarium. Claimed to be the longest of its kind in the world, this immersive tunnel invites you to journey through both the salty embrace of the sea and the fresh caress of riverine environments, split evenly into two mesmerizing sections each extending 66.5 metres in length. As you glide through the tunnel, ably assisted by a moving travellator, you’re transported to a world where rare marine creatures become your silent companions, offering an intimacy with the marine world that’s usually reserved for divers.

But the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium isn’t just about mesmerizing sights; it’s a beacon of learning and conservation. According to Narutat Chareonsedtasin, chairman of Marine Scape (Thailand) which steers the aquarium’s helm, this establishment doubles as an educational powerhouse. Visitors are not only treated to the visual spectacle of more than 80 varieties of freshwater and sea creatures but are also enlightened about the dire impacts of climate change. The rising ocean levels and temperatures, a clarion call to action, are highlighted, making each visit both enjoyable and enlightening.

The excitement doesn’t end with the visual feast; the aquarium hosts captivating feeding shows, adding a dynamic element to the underwater tableau. Imagine watching a feeding frenzy at the seawater tunnel at 10.30am or 2pm, or catching the action at the saltwater tunnel at 11am and 2.30pm. These shows promise not just entertainment but an intimate look into the lives of these mysterious creatures, how they feed, interact, and coexist in their carefully curated slices of the ocean and freshwater biomes.

Located at 100 Huay Kaew Road, Tambon Suthep, in the lush embrace of Chiang Mai, the aquarium is more than a destination; it’s an experience waiting to captivate hearts and minds. Whether you’re an aquaphile, a conservation enthusiast, or simply looking for an extraordinary adventure, the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium invites you on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the aquatic world, where every turn is a discovery and every moment is a treasure. So, dive in and let the wonders of the deep blue transform your understanding of our planet’s precious marine life.


  1. SarahJ April 2, 2024

    Finally, some positive news! The renovation sounds amazing. It’s great to see investment going towards educational and conservation efforts. Can’t wait to visit!

    • MarkTwain21 April 2, 2024

      Positive? More like a waste of 29 million baht! That money could have gone to better causes, like reducing poverty or education reform.

      • EcoWarrior99 April 2, 2024

        I disagree, MarkTwain21. Raising awareness about marine life and the impacts of climate change is just as crucial. It’s education in another form.

      • SarahJ April 2, 2024

        I see your point, Mark. But think about the long-term benefits. This could inspire a new generation of conservationists and change perspectives on environmental protection.

    • DeepDiver April 2, 2024

      Has anyone considered the well-being of animals in these artificial habitats? Sure, it’s educational, but at what cost to the creatures themselves?

      • SarahJ April 2, 2024

        That’s a valid concern, DeepDiver. I hope the renovation included enhancements to simulate natural habitats as closely as possible.

  2. TravelBug April 2, 2024

    Visited last week and it was breathtaking! The tunnel experience is something out of this world. Highly recommend it to anyone visiting Chiang Mai.

  3. CuriousKid April 2, 2024

    Why do people like aquariums so much? Isn’t it sad to see fish trapped in tanks?

    • TeacherTom April 2, 2024

      It’s a good question, Kid. Well-managed aquariums focus on conservation, research, and education. They give us a chance to connect with marine life we wouldn’t normally see. It’s all about balance and respectful representation.

      • FishFriend April 2, 2024

        Exactly, TeacherTom! Plus, some species in aquariums are part of breeding programs which help to replenish endangered species in the wild.

  4. BudgetTraveller April 2, 2024

    29 million baht sounds like a lot for a renovation. Does this mean the entry fees will skyrocket? Hope it remains affordable for local families.

    • LocalYokel April 2, 2024

      I’m concerned about that too. It’s a valuable educational resource, but it shouldn’t become so expensive that ordinary people can’t visit.

  5. EcoWarrior99 April 2, 2024

    This renovation could be a turning point for marine awareness in Thailand. Excited to see how they’ll incorporate climate change education into the visitor experience.

  6. MarineBiologist101 April 2, 2024

    While this is exciting, let’s hope the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium focuses just as much on the ethical treatment of animals as it does on aesthetics and entertainment. The line can be thin.

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