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China and Thailand’s military drills are “not related to Taiwan”

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Prapas claims that the element of military linkages is distinct from the element of global ties. On Tuesday, the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) made it clear that the continuing confrontations with Taiwan have nothing to do with joint military drills with China. Prapas told the crowd that the drills won’t have an impact on the F-35 agreement with the US because they are a different issue and there is a contract saying which country they may be used to train with. He thought that everyone on earth should live in love and peace while working together to resolve conflicts via dialogue. According to a statement published on Tuesday by Air Force spokesman Air Vice-Marshal Prapas Sornjaidee, Falcon Strike 2022 operations are currently in their fifth year. Two years before to the drills, preparations were made. He claimed that from a military perspective, because they share a language, soldiers from many nations train together in various settings to share experiences and pick up new skills. He made it clear that these activities served no purpose and that soldiers always exercised together. He said that Thailand has trained people from Australia, China, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. He asserted that the training was well-known since China had dispatched troops from Kunming to drill alongside Thailand.

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