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Crippling Tragedy Struck Youth on Chon Buri’s New Bridge! The Terrifying Vespa Mishap Unveiled!

A heart-rending incident unfolded late last night on the freshly inaugurated Chon Buri bridge, nestled in the picturesque province of Chon Buri. At the stroke of half-past eleven, the tranquil night was shattered by the thunderous noise of a grisly motorbike crash that claimed the life of a vibrant 18-year-old youth named Theerawat.

Theerawat, a resident of Bang Saen, had embarked on a jovial journey to explore the new bridge on his sleek gray Vespa, accompanied by a buddy. Their joy ride ended tragically when Theerawat, carried away by his youthful enthusiasm, accelerated his Vespa beyond safe limits. Sadly, he met with a nasty surprise when he encountered a speed bump at high speed, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and leading him to crash disastrously.

The first responders to the gruesome accident scene were members of the reputable Tri Khun Tham Foundation, their role earmarked in bringing solace and succor to those injured in such unfortunate incidents. Disturbing scene met their eyes: Theerawat sprawled lifelessly a chilling 20 meters away from his motorbike and the infamous speed bump. They quickly determined the cause of death as a severe head wound, a testament to the impactful collision that robbed the young man of his promising life.

Regrettably, this route, despite its burgeoning popularity among tourists for its scenic grandeur, harbors a treacherous reputation for frequent accidents. According to experienced rescue personnel, most accidents are due to the unacquainted motorists’ tendency to underestimate the dangerous speed bumps lining the road and their inability to negotiate them promptly, especially at high speeds.

This tragic incident serves as a stirring cautionary tale for all drivers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining appropriate speeds and the critical need for increased vigilance while navigating this new bridge.

In keeping with the regulations, the local authorities will peruse the nearby CCTV footages to glean more insights into the mishap and to facilitate the ensuing legal protocols. As reported by Khao Sod Online, they are also looking into another disturbing incident involving two intoxicated Burmese men crashing their motorbikes into a conduit for power cables on Ladprao Road. For more in-depth account of these mishaps, we invite you to read more.

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