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Cyanide Nightmare: Charming Woman Poisons 18 Victims – The Ultimate Betrayal Uncovered!

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Over 20 samples have been collected from the vehicle of the alleged murderer Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn. Cyanide traces were discovered in samples collected from the driver’s side dashboard, according to Assoc Prof Weerachai Phutdhawong of Kasetsart University’s Department of Chemistry. Weerachai plans to conduct additional tests on a suspicious substance package confiscated at the suspect’s residence.

Weerachai is a chemistry expert that works closely with the Office of Police Forensic Science in examining chemical samples. The police have put together a list of 19 individuals they suspect may have been poisoned by Sararat. Police claim that 18 of these victims perished under questionable circumstances.

Only one person, Kantima Paesaard, aged 36, managed to survive after allegedly being poisoned by the suspect. The two were acquainted for over six years, with Kantima having lent Sararat 250,000 baht before being poisoned in September last year.

Deputy national police chief General Surachate Hakparn, who is supervising the investigation, described the suspect as an outgoing, amiable, and chatty individual. Sararat’s lively and exuberant personality allowed her to gain the trust of her presumed victims, added Surachate.

Sararat had borrowed money from the 18 individuals who may have died from cyanide poisoning, and their deaths can be linked to the debts she owed them, according to Surachate. One of the suspected victims was Sararat’s common-law husband, 35-year-old Suthisak Poonkwan, who died on March 12 in Udon Thani province due to cardiac arrhythmia. Following his death, his gold jewelry worth over 100,000 baht and an unspecified sum of cash were reportedly missing.

The suspect celebrated her birthday concurrently with her husband’s death. Out of the 16 post-mortems of the suspect’s alleged victims, there were no reports of poisoning tests. However, two deaths earlier this month involved poisoning tests, revealing cyanide traces in the blood of the two deceased.

In Nakhon Pathom, Pol Major Nipa Sangchan, aged 38, died on April 1 due to heart failure after being last seen with the suspect. An autopsy detected cyanide in her blood. In Ratchaburi, Siriporn Khanwong, aged 33, died of heart failure on April 14 following her last appearance with the suspect. Autopsy results showed cyanide in her blood.

Authorities apprehended the suspect on Tuesday on charges of premeditated murder and she is currently being held in pretrial detention. Police announced on Thursday that she will also be charged with committing premeditated murder with the intention of stealing, poisoning others, and theft. If found guilty in a single premeditated murder case, she may face the death penalty.

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