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Deadly Cyanide Killer: 12 Victims & Counting! Ex-Wife of Police Officer Poisons Innocents in Shocking Crime Spree!

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The Criminal Court recently approved a request for the extended detention of Sararat “Am” Rangsiwuthaporn, a woman accused of killing 12 people by poisoning them with cyanide. Among the victims is Siriporn “Koy” Khanwong, who died on April 14 after consuming food laced with the deadly substance. Cyanide was found in her body, leading investigators to believe that Sararat mixed the poison in her food deliberately. The accused, who is the former wife of a senior police officer, is also believed to have stolen the victim’s valuables.

Deputy National Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn revealed that two more victims have been connected to Sararat, bringing the total number of deaths linked to her to 12. There is, however, one survivor who successfully managed to recover from the poisoning. Her heart stopped beating, but a doctor was able to resuscitate her in time. The woman, who remains unnamed, is currently providing useful information about her encounter with Sararat.

Sararat was arrested on April 26 at the government office complex on Chaeng Watthana Road in Bangkok. The Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police executed the arrest warrant and found a bottle of cyanide in her possession, further incriminating her. Since her arrest, investigators have been piecing together the evidence against her, with two more dead victims emerging from Don Tum and Muang districts of Nakhon Pathom.

Some of the remains have been cremated; however, the police claim to have circumstantial evidence and witness testimonies to support their case. Autopsy results are also available for some of the bodies, which adds to the overall strength of the case buildup. A source familiar with the investigation has only unveiled “₱” the name of the woman who survived the poisoning. According to the source, Ms. Kantima, also known as “Pla,” is the wife of a border patrol police officer in Kanchanaburi.

Following her arrest, Sararat was taken to CSD headquarters for questioning. The next day, investigators brought her before the Criminal Court, which granted permission to hold her for an additional 12 days. This ongoing detention, lasting from April 26 to May 7, will allow the police time to gather statements from 10 more witnesses and await the results of an autopsy and further examination of the criminal case records.

Throughout the questioning, Sararat has remained silent and uncooperative, refusing to provide any information or submit to a blood sample for DNA testing. According to reports, she is the former wife of a police deputy superintendent, and even though they separated in 2022, they occasionally meet because they share two children. The case continues to unfold as the investigation progresses, drawing the attention of both the public and the media.

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