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Daring Samut Prakan Heist: Atthapol’s Journey from Luxury Theft to Justice’s Grasp

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On a seemingly ordinary day, March 13, beneath the sweltering heat of Samut Prakan province, an audacious robbery unfolded within the tranquil confines of a home in the Bang Phli Yai subdistrict. The daring bandit executed a heist so brazen, it seemed ripped right from the pages of a high-stakes thriller novel.

The plunderer, with a penchant for the finer things in life, made away with an eye-watering haul of luxury watches, diamond rings, gold bracelets, a hefty sum of cash, and, in an unexpected twist, four CCTV cameras—presumably to erase any trace of his intrusion. The value of the loot? A staggering sum north of 100,000 baht.

But our villain didn’t just waltz in and out unnoticed. Thanks to the remaining surveillance footage, the police sketched a picture of the culprit—a man shrouded in mystery, clad in a black cap, a mask veiling his face, attired in a long-sleeved navy-blue shirt, with a grey backpack, black trousers, and dual-toned sneakers to complete his ensemble.

The tale of his journey to the crime scene reads like an elaborate game of cat and mouse. Commencing his expedition from Ladprao Soi 128/2, our protagonist-turned-antagonist rode a bus, alighting in the Bang Kapi area. Not one to shy away from the scenic route, he then hopped onto a minivan, cruising down the Bang Kapi-Paknam trail to a bustling shopping mall nestled along Sri Nakarin Road. But the adventure didn’t stop there—he swapped his ride for a pickup-truck taxi, weaving through the city’s veins, his excitement palpable as he edged closer to his destination.

After the deed was done, our elusive raider embarked on a 2 kilometre walk, his loot in tow. In a bid to vanish into the night, he hailed a motorcycle taxi, weaving through the streets to a residential enclave in Bang Phli. From there, a taxi whisked him away to Bangkaew, and then another taxi to the serene grounds of Wat Sri Iam, further muddling his trail. His final escape was aboard a bus back to the Bang Kapi area, before disappearing into the urban maze of Ladprao Soi 128/2.

Throughout this enthralling escapade, our cunning fugitive donned his hat and mask with meticulous care, a testament to his determination to stay concealed.

Yet, every story has its climax. On the fateful night of April 19, the arm of the law finally caught up with Atthapol, alias Tee, a 32-year-old mastermind, in the unexpected backdrop of Khon Kaen province. Under the unyielding gaze of justice, Tee confessed to orchestrating the sophisticated burglary, revealing a twist no one saw coming—he was fueled by an addiction to online gambling, squandering his ill-gotten gains in the digital realm of bets and wagers.

Emboldened by the audacious escapades of Hollywood’s silver screen heists, Tee detailed his meticulous planning and execution—how he deftly utilized public transport, seamlessly switching modes of travel to elude capture.

But our story doesn’t end here. Tee’s confessions unraveled a tapestry of crimes, revealing he had cast a wider net of burglaries across the tranquil neighborhoods of Bangkaew, Minburi, and various undisclosed locations within the sprawling Bangkok Metropolitan Area, setting the stage for a saga of deceit, cunning, and a relentless pursuit by the law.

In the end, Atthapol’s tale is a gripping narrative of crime and consequences, a vivid reminder of the shadows that lurk within, waiting for their moment in the spotlight, only to find themselves ensnared by the relentless pursuit of justice.


  1. TrueCrimeBuff April 20, 2024

    It’s almost cinematic, the lengths Tee went to just to cover his tracks. Hitching rides, changing transport modes and then gambling it all away..sounds like something straight out of a movie. Goes to show, real life can be stranger than fiction.

    • Cynic22 April 20, 2024

      Cinematic? More like pathetic. Wasting all that effort on theft only to blow it on online gambling. There’s nothing glamorous or heroic about this; it’s just sad and desperate.

      • TrueCrimeBuff April 20, 2024

        You’re right, of course. ‘Cinematic’ might not have been the best word. It’s more the audacity and the planning that feels straight out of a heist movie, not the act or its motivation itself. The real tragedy is the addiction and how it drives people to ruin.

    • LegalEagle101 April 20, 2024

      What fascinates me is the legal aspect. How will Tee be charged considering the elaborate nature of his crimes? There’s burglary, but also the dodging and weaving through public transport systems to evade capture. Makes you wonder about the charges he’s facing.

      • CriminologyStudent April 20, 2024

        Considering he confessed, it’s probably going to be a straightforward case of burglary and possibly charges related to the stolen items’ value. Though, the psychological aspect behind his planning and execution might play a role in his sentencing.

  2. EmpathyEngineer April 20, 2024

    This is a stark reminder of how destructive addiction can be, leading people to take such drastic steps. Instead of casting judgment, maybe we should look at how society can better support individuals struggling with addiction.

    • Hardliner April 20, 2024

      Support? They committed a crime. They knew what they were doing. Society has rules for a reason, and breaking them because of ‘addiction’ shouldn’t earn anyone a free pass. It’s about personal responsibility.

      • EmpathyEngineer April 20, 2024

        I get where you’re coming from, but addiction often impairs judgment to the point of overriding personal responsibility. Yes, they should face consequences, but understanding and addressing the root cause is equally important.

  3. Joe April 20, 2024

    Every thief has a story, huh? Wonder if the gamble was worth it in the end. Spoiler: it never is.

  4. PopCultureNerd April 20, 2024

    This feels like it could be the plot of a new Netflix series. I’d watch it. Real life is wild.

    • CouchCritic April 20, 2024

      Definitely has the makings of a binge-worthy series, but let’s not glorify criminal behavior. It’s all fun and games until real lives are affected.

      • PopCultureNerd April 20, 2024

        Fair point. There’s a fine line between entertainment and reality. Still, can’t help but be fascinated by the story.

  5. BangkokLocal April 20, 2024

    I live in the area and this event has had us all on edge. It’s a relief that the police caught him, but it’s unsettling to know this happened in our own backyard.

    • ConcernedCitizen April 20, 2024

      Absolutely, safety in our community is paramount. This incident is a wake-up call for all of us to be more vigilant and proactive in ensuring our neighborhoods are secure.

  6. SkepticalSam April 20, 2024

    Am I the only one wondering how he thought he wouldn’t get caught? Especially in today’s surveillance-heavy society. Seems like a poorly thought-out plan from the start.

  7. AdventureSeeker April 20, 2024

    The whole journey on public transport with stolen goods is both bold and foolish. Can’t decide if he was brave or just didn’t think things through.

  8. TechWiz April 20, 2024

    Stealing CCTV cameras is ironically smart yet dumb. Smart because no immediate evidence, dumb because you just flagged yourself as a significant suspect. There’s always a digital footprint.

    • CyberSleuth April 20, 2024

      Exactly my thought. In today’s digital age, thinking you can erase your presence by taking a few cameras is naïve. Everything leaves a trace.

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