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Deadline Looms: Digital Giants Google, Facebook Scramble to Meet Thailand’s New Digital Law Requirements!

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On August 21 of the current calendar year, a law was activated which required businesses offering digital platform services (defined by the law) to furnish the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) with informational details pertaining to their operations.

Chaichana Mitrpant, the individual holding the position of executive director for the ETDA, spoke on the subject, saying the legislation requires such digital services to keep the agency apprised of their activities. Furthering their support for these businesses, the ETDA has been offering guidance and consultations, which includes a “digital platform assessment tool” for use in online self-assessment.

Since the registration system kicked into gear on August 21, the ETDA had received notifications from 109 distinct digital platform services by October 10.

Of the digital entities that registered, the majority were involved in e-marketplace offerings. This was followed by communication platform services, news aggregation platforms, search engine tools, web browser services, cloud data services, virtual assistant services, and advertisement platforms, demonstrating a broad range of industrial representation, as per Chaichana’s insights.

ETDA is stressing the need for all businesses falling into the categories defined by this law—especially universal digital platforms—to expedite the registration process before the cutoff point of November 18.

Information regarding the digital platforms that have already been registered with the ETDA can be reviewed on the agency’s website. Click here: ETDA Digital Platform Services Notification.

Chaichana pronounced the benefits of these notifications, stating that they bolster user assurance, elevate competitive standing, and showcase effective user protection via the responsible use of service provisions.

The ETDA is in anticipation of receiving more notices from digital platform services that fall within the stipulated guidelines. To make the deadline of November 18, general digital platform services, both domestically and internationally, need to confirm their notifications, according to Chaichana.

These services must meet certain set standards, such as an individual’s, or the business’s, annual income surpassing 1.8 million baht for individual service providers, or exceeding 50 million baht for corporations. Furthermore, the user base in Thailand should be upwards of 5,000 users per month.

Thai platforms such as Robinhood, Bitkub, QueQ, and NDID have already logged their notifications. Meanwhile, international entities like Google, Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, and Line still have to complete the registration process, as per recent news bulletins.

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