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Deadly Cocktail Uncovered: How Social Media Sells Fake, Drug-Laced Collagen Drinks & Coffee!

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Dr. Manus Phothaporn, the deputy director-general of the Medical Services Department, and Dr. Sarayut Boonchaipanitwatana, the director of the Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment, have issued a stern warning for consumers regarding liquid collagen and instant coffee brands being sold on social media. These products have not received proper approval from the Food and Drug Administration and have been found to contain dangerous ingredients.

According to the experts, the department conducted tests on several collagen drinks and instant coffees sold through social media platforms. The results were alarming, as most unlicensed brands were found to be laced with a dangerous cocktail of ecstasy, crystal meth, ketamine, and nimetazepam, which is a chemical typically used in sleeping pills. Shockingly, most of these unlicensed collagen drinks also contained caffeine.

Dr. Manus emphasized the grave danger that comes with consuming these drugs, particularly in large quantities, as it could lead to severe health risks, even becoming fatal. Sellers of these illicit products often claim that their collagen drinks can help reduce weight and maintain youthful-looking skin, Dr. Sarayut added.

The combined effects of ecstasy, ketamine, and crystal meth can wreak havoc on an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Ecstasy and ketamine are known to cause hallucinations, while crystal meth induces powerful energy rushes and increased vigilance. The potential outcome for a person who unknowingly consumes all three substances could be extreme physical and psychological distress, warns Dr. Manus.

Moreover, Dr. Sarayut advises that drinking alcohol after inadvertently consuming these substances may result in further complications. It can suppress the central nervous system, possibly leading to mental disorders, paranoia, and even aggressive behavior. In extreme cases, it could cause life-threatening consequences, such as heart or respiratory system failure.

Both doctors emphasize the inherent difficulty in monitoring and regulating the sale of unlicensed drinks via social media platforms. As such, consumers are urged to exercise caution when purchasing products from unofficial sources and to prioritize their health and safety above all else.

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