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Deadly Escape: Suspected Drug Baron Drowns in Frantic Canal Escape – A Dark and Twisted Ending to a High-Speed Pursuit!

In the bustling locale of Pathum Thani, a daring pursuit transpired after a suspected drug trafficker tried to elude the authorities by resorting to a desperate escape method– plunging into a canal. This frantic act however, spiraled into an unfortunate mishap when the man drowned.

The chase unfolded at the Rangsit Prayoonsak Canal, a significant waterway situated opposite the Siwalee Rangsit 2 Village on the busy Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road within the Prachatipat Sub-district of Thanyaburi District in Pathum Thani Province.

In response to the emergency, the police liaised promptly with volunteer divers and initiated an investigation into the occurrence. They happened upon a Honda Sonic motorcycle, decked out in blue and white, and bearing a registration number, ยษก 472 Bangkok. This idle machine was stationed beside the bridge that led to the Siwalee Rangsit 2 Village.

Adjacent to this area, they discovered an instant noodle bag. The bag’s content was unexpected — 200 methamphetamine tablets safely concealed in a blue zip bag. Central to this unfolding investigation was the detail that the now-deceased was 42-year-old Balawi Kluen-ura, residing at 159 Moo 6, Khwaoyai Sub-district, Sikhoraphum District, Surin Province, as reported by KhaoSod.

Unearthing further details, the police disclosed that their ongoing investigation into drug trafficking, beginning at the Suan Phrik Thai Police Station, led them towards Balawi. The suspect had parked his bike while making a furtive drop-off of methamphetamine to an undercover police officer.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose as the officers revealed their true identity in an attempt to apprehend him. Reacting swiftly, Balawi shook himself free and hastily ran approximately fifty meters before diving headfirst into the Rangsit Prayoonsak Canal. He swam until reaching the mid-point of the canal before he suddenly vanished.

Despite the police’s best endeavors, their search for Balawi was futile, leading them to the grim conclusion that he was likely drowned. Consequently, the Pratu Nam Chulalongkorn Police Station collaborated with the Po Tek Tung Foundation to send recovery teams and divers to the scene. After about ten minutes of scouring, they located the deceased.

Seizing opportunity to gather more evidence and understand the chronology of events leading to his death, Lieutenant Colonel Phonchet Prommun, an investigator hailing from the Pratu Nam Chulalongkorn Police Station, reported that while no definitive proof was found on the deceased’s body, two mobile phones and a meager 200 baht in cash were retrieved.

Following suit, several pictures of the incident’s locale were captured for evidence, and Balawi’s motorbike was confiscated for a deeper probe into the matter. The body of the deceased was later handed over to a foundation for an autopsy at Thammasat University Hospital to pinpoint the precise cause of death.

It was finally revealed by the investigative team of Pathum Thani Provincial Police that Balawi was no stranger to the law, with previous arrest records from 2011 at Suan Phrik Thai Police Station and in 2018 at Mueang Pathum Police Station on similar drug charges. Engage with The Thaiger for more gripping latest stories on our fresh Facebook page HERE.

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