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Deception at its Worst: Beloved Thai TV Star Falls Victim to a Ruthless 2.4 Million Baht Scandal – You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind It!

In a recent drama that could easily be mistaken for a plot of a Thai soap opera, a former Thai TV star, Wanitha Watcharobon, and her spouse have become victims of an alleged investment scam reportedly orchestrated by the offspring of a renowned Bangkok-based musical artist. They were seduced into investing into a gold trading venture that touted a substantial yield of 10%, costing them an astonishing 2.4 million baht.

63-year-old Wanitha Watcharobon, renowned for her acting talents, and her husband visited the headquarters of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) on the 11th of October. They were there to present their case and evidence, seeking justice against the cunning investment scheme masterminded by the unnamed son of another high-profile entertainer, a songstress who had also enjoyed a vibrant film career.

The ex-actress exposed the details of how she and her husband were inveigled into the gold trading operation by the individual, code-named “A” for anonymity. With soaring promises of a 10% return, the business proposal was portrayed as a golden opportunity.

The operation started off on a high note–for the first few months, the couple enjoyed regular payouts as promised. However, troubles came to the surface when “A” started to struggle with punctual payments, causing suspicion. Upon requesting a refund of their original investment, they were either brushed off or given only partial repayment.

Later on, “A” cut off all communications with them, casting an irrevocable shadow of doubt about the legitimacy of the investment. Fearing that they had fallen prey to a defraudment technique, they registered their complaints with KhaoSod.

The CIB is taking the matter into espial. The bureau initially jotted down a statement from Wanitha and her husband and would be closely examining the evidences in hand before passing the case onto the chief officer for further action.

Complicating this further, Wanitha is admired for her glamorous acting in the traditional Thai television dramas, playing unforgettable characters like the Princess Tang-on and Little Soan in ‘The Beautiful House’. Her occasional TV appearances have kept the public intrigued about her life.

On a related note, a French investor dared to air his grievances on social media against three Thai nationals for their purported involvement in an elaborate real estate hoax. Accusations of duping several investors to put their money into a property in Phuket came to light. Thus, a word of caution was triggered amongst potential investors. To get further insights into this case, click HERE.

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